Top 5 PS2 Emulators for Windows and MAC – PlayStation 2

PS2 Emulator enables your Windows/MAC PC to emulate and behave same as PlayStation 2 hardware. Your PC is host which act as PS2, while the imitated PlayStation 2 software is the known as the guest.  Thus, PS2 emulators are software programs, which enables you to play PlayStation games on your windows or Mac, although they are from a completely different platform. Over the past few years, the demand of PlayStation 2 emulators has grown. This is because some PS2 games cannot be played on Mac or windows, but with PS2 emulators, it is possible to play the games.

Virtual Gaming Station (VGS)

Connectix is the developer of VGS emulator. Initially, VGS emulator was made for Mac, but it was later updated to accommodate windows PC. Apart from enabling you to run PlayStation games in your windows or Mac PC, VGS emulator library features many good games. Besides, VGS allows you to play most PS games.

The ability to run most games that were only played in PS led to increased popularity of VGS emulator. As a result, Sony filed a case against Connectix, because the competition of VGS made it a threat to Sony. However, Connectix won the case. Sony decided to buy the emulator and disabled it, although older versions of the emulator can be located on the internet.

Also Go Through Other Emulators:


PCSX2 is an emulator of Sony PS2. Also, it is the fullest packaged and useful PS2 emulator in the market. All updates of the emulator enable users to play and enjoy many games. Besides, the updates enhance the sound and speed of the emulator.

The most unique and greatest feature of the PCSX2 emulator is that you only need to put your PS2 games in a DVD or CD player, and you are set to play the games in your PC. Apart from the emulator being fast, installing and configuring it is easy.


Among the top open source, PS2 emulators are NuetrinoSX2. For the emulator to run, you must install PS2 Bio files in your PC. Maud is the main developer of the emulator, although he left the coding uncomplete. Thus, you cannot play any commercial game using the emulator, as it is unfinished. Nevertheless, the compatibility of the emulator is outstanding, and its sound emulation is of high quality. Additionally, if you are a PS2 emulator developer, NeutrinoSX2 is rich with useful information, hence a good reference.


The emulator was designed by three developers, namely Scar, Shunt, and Roor, to imitate PS2. However, the emulator is still being developed. The developers released a universal compiler that was only 10% complete. Although you should not expect so much from this emulator, it is highly compatible, and its development concept is unique. Additionally, you need PS2 Bio files to operate the emulator in windows/Mac. The download of the emulator is free but does not have plugins, which are vital for its full functioning.


ePSXe is an abbreviation of enhanced PSX emulator. The emulator is among the few PS emulators that are regularly updated. It was developed with an aim of offering excellent PS experience that is unavailable in competitor emulators.

It is available as a free download software, which allows you to run various PS games without problems. Besides, you can customize the settings of your audio and volume while using the emulator.

Apart from the above listed PS2 emulators, there exist many others. However, it is advisable you use PS2 emulators that are regularly updated and allows you to run and enjoy many games in your PC.

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