Download and Setup Bluestacks (3/2) Android Emulator on Windows & Mac?

Bluestacks 3 is the latest version of Android Emulator released by Bluestacks in 2017 by adding a lot of features in Bluestacks 2 & 1. Bluestacks 3/2 is one of the most popular Android Emulator designed specially for Windows & Mac to convert Imagination of running our favorite Android games on our computer. With all the goodness of bigger screen real estate to play with, it is definitely an amazing experience. This was not a possible couple of years ago but since the android emulators started kicking in in the windows world, people are loving these, and one android emulator, in particular, received an overwhelming amount of support and popularity. The name of that android emulator is Bluestacks Emulator.


Bluestacks is an Android Emulator which is capable of emulating Android Apps on the Windows & Mac OS. Android Emulator will run Android apps on other platforms apart from its native operating system. There are tons of android emulator out there which you can choose from. You can get an emulator for free on various websites.

Bluestacks Offline Installer

Bluestacks Emulator is one of the most popular and oldest android emulators out there. This emulator is a very reliable emulator, and hence there are millions of downloads and users of this emulator.

Bluestacks 3/2 is compatible with Windows 10/ 7/ 8 and Mac. In this article I will tell you everything you need to know about How to download Bluestacks Offline Installer? What are Bluestacks features apart from it’s offline installer? and How to setup the Bluestacks 3/2 emulator on your Windows 10 PC and Mac?

If you have a decent internet connection then you must need Bluestacks 3/2 offline installer, because interrutption in network might fail the online installer at any point of time. Bluestacks Offline Installer work best for Windows PC and if we talk about Mac, then you will get seamless performance.

bluestacks offline installer

Bluestack player will run all your favorite apps and games. Games like Mortal Kombat, Candy Crush, Subway surfers, Mobile Legends and Dr. Driving will run perfectly.

Other apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram will also work without any issue. You will get an android like experience with Bluestacks. The only difference is that you get a bigger screen real estate.

Bluestacks can also run without any internet connection. The offline experience is pretty amazing as well. You can download and install some games or apps which can be used without internet, and when there is no internet, you can just simply use them without any internet connection error.

Bluestacks 3 – Latest Version

Bluestacks has received many updates since it was first launched and Bluestacks 3 is it’s latest version. Bluestacks 3 has got so much better since performance than Bluestacks 2. The requirements of Bluestacks 3 do not seem demanding at all. Most of the computer these days have a powerful processor with at least 8 GB of Ram. Bluestacks 3 only needs 2 GB of ram to run without lag. It will also take 9 GB of storage, 9 GB might seem a little too much for an Android emulator but keep in mind that this doesn’t includes the app data which you are going to install on the emulator. The initial data of Bluestacks 3 Emulator is very less compared to its predecessors.

Bluestacks 3

There is a serious competition going on right now in the Android emulator market, and Bluestacks 3 is fighting hard with its amazing features which Bluestacks recently got with the latest version. So you might want to look at that amazing feature. Other emulators like Andy, Nox Player and Youwave are its rivals, and as I said, Bluestacks 3 will not disappoint you in any department of entertainment. So you must download and give trial to Bluestacks 3 offline installer.

If you are an expert at mobile gaming, then Bluestacks 3 will give you a boost to your mobile experience. The community is loving Bluestacks 3 because of the apps and games compatibility. Now you can run Android apps on your windows/Mac PC and windows Laptop which only run on smartphones. Yes, you can use android apps on your Windows PC as well as on Mac PC  There are lots of Emulator but Bluestacks 3 is one of the best, and it can run apps without any interruption.

Bluestacks Emulator for Windows 10

Bluestacks is the best emulator in lots of people opinion. If you never use Bluestacks Emulator, I would suggest you to try this emulator before trying any other android emulator out there. Bluestacks has got three versions and Bluestacks 3 is the latest, which is obviously compatible with the latest Windows 10 version. Android Experience will be great on the Windows 10 platform using Bluestacks 3 or 2. Opening up of the app is really quick and easy. Playing games is just like playing on an android device. If you have a touchscreen monitor, then you can also take advantage of that feature with the on-screen controls.

bluestacks for windows 10

If the switch to android emulator because of the on-screen option available on the android device, then you can use hardware console to your Windows PC and Mac. You might need an additional tool so if you are facing any problem with connecting your console then check that if your console is working properly.

Another popular Android Emulators like Youwave and Andy does not support hardware console. Users of Youwave and Andyroid have to stick with the keyboards and mouse.

Features of Bluestacks Player for Windows PC and Mac

  1. You can sync your phone and the windows app via cloud connect app.
  2. Run Android games on your Windows PC and Mac which give you a bigger screen real estate.
  3. Bluestacks Emulator delivers a unique platform that combines the digital and traditional advertising in a distinctive way.
  4. Bluestacks Emulator has a large library of apps including games, educational apps, entertainment apps and productivity apps.
  5. Share pictures and videos directly to your social media accounts with the Bluestacks emulator.
  6. Install apps directly from the inbuilt Google play store app.
  7. Experience a stock android like interface on your Windows PC and Mac.

Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook on Bluestack

Everyone loves to use their favorite apps on their PC and Bluestacks is one which makes it possible. Snapchat, Whatsapp, Instagram and Facebook are are some of the most popular social media apps. Everyone seems to be loving the app regardless of the recent case of  Cambridge Data breach. These apps allows users to share their moments with their friends in the form of pictures, texts, videos, emotions and feelings.

bluestacks whatsapp

A unique feature of WhatsApp for PC using Bluestacks 3 or 2 is the ability to reply to your friends from your PC, Laptop or wherever you are, you never gets disconnected. You can even send pics and videos about your life on a regular basis with your friends will give you streak which is very stuff, and people are really enjoying in it.

Even Snapchat can also be installed on your Windows and Mac using Bluestacks. You can have the same experience like Snapchat on android device.

Clash of Clans, Royal Clash, Asphalt 8 on Bluestacks

Clash of Clans COC, Royal Clash, Asphalt 8 and many more Games can be played on PC using Bluestacks 3/2. COC is one of the most popular multiplayer game for android. Many such games has millions of users, and some players want to run this app on their computer. Thanks to the Bluestacks emulator, now it is possible.

games on bluestacks

Royal Clash is also fun on PC using Bluestakcs emulator, it is a free game so you can easily download the apk and install it on your Bluestacks. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to download apps on Bluestacks. I will also tell you how you can download apps on Bluestacks.

Clash of Clans (COC) is a strategic game and having a bigger screen to play this game will definitely enhance your experience.

Download and Install Bluestacks on Windows 10/7/8

Bluestacks is available on the official website. You can find Bluestacks for both Windows 10, 8, 7 and Mac on the official website. You just need to select the preferred version of Bluestacks and start the downloading.

  1. Using your Windows 10 PC, open google chrome browser and Click Here to visit Bluestacks Downloading Page for Windows 10/8/7.
  2. Click on the link and the setup file of Bluestacks will be started downloading on your Windows 10 PC.
  3. The downloading of Bluestacks 3 will take some time and after the download will get complete, open the download folder where Bluestacks Setup is downloaded.
  4. Open the .exe file and start the installation process.
  5. After the installation, you can find Bluestacks 3 on the desktop and start menu of your PC.

Bluestacks 3 Emulator runs 4.4.4 KitKat version so you will get KitKat like UI but it does not really matter for a computer.

Download and Install Bluestacks for Mac

Bluestacks is also available for Mac so that you can even test the taste of Android if you are an Apple geek. Mac is a very powerful computer, whatever variant or version you have. Apple is great at optimizing software and apps to make it run smoothly on the device, and it is the same story Bluestacks. Bluestacks runs in all versions of Mac.

Here are the steps

  1. Visit official Bluestacks website.
  2. Download Bluestacks 3 for your Mac.
  3. After that simply install the emulator, and you can use Bluestacks 3 Emulator on your Mac.

bluestacks for mac

How to Install Apps and Apk Files on Bluestacks Emulator

There is not much to setup and install Apps or Apk Files on Bluestacks 3 or Bluestacks 2 emulator. You just need to sign-in to your google account, or you can even create a new google account directly from the Bluestacks emulator like on your Android.

  1. Launch the Bluestacks Emulator.
  2. Your app drawer will have a handful of apps, and your installed apps will be present in the app drawer.
  3. Sign-in to your google account to get access to Google Play store. You can either install apps from the apk file and from google play store.
  4. The User interface of Bluestacks is just like android, so if you are familiar with an android smartphone which you probably are, then you won’t face any issue with using a Bluestacks emulator.

I hope this guide was helpful to you and you were easily able to download Bluestacks 3/2/1 for Windows 10/8/7 and on your Mac. This guide also explained How to install apps or apk files on Bluestacks. You can submit your queries related to Bluestacks in the below comment section.

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