Top 5 PSP Emulators for Windows/Mac & Top 5 PSP Emulator Games

Remember the old video games we used to remain lost with? With a number of different game cassettes, jumping the hurdles, shooting the devils and whatnot was included in those cassettes. However, with the changes in the technology, the video games are now replaced with high definition PlayStation Portables, which is popular by the name PSP games and you can even enjoy PSP games on your PC with the help of the PSP emulators.

psp emulator

Introduced to the game’s world by Sony, PSP emulators are among the best portable games for enhancing your gaming experience. No doubt, Windows and Mac came with few play stations games, which could be played with, combining PSP emulator with Mac OS X or Windows would provide you with a wide number of games that includes Tekken 6, Naruto, GTA, God of War, and many more that are truly enjoyable with a smooth and unforgettable experience. PSP Emulators have worked amazingly no matter whether you use it on Computers, Android, Mac, etc., it has become the best way to enjoy leisure time, especially for the kids.

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When it comes to the emulators, there are variously available in the market. Some of the emulators widely downloaded include NES, SNES, Sega Genesis, Gameboy, and Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advance, Atari 2600, PCEP, Geometry Wars, Zombie Crisis and many more. They are readily available on the internet, and all you have to do is simply download them.

Confused which PSP emulator would be the best for your Windows computer or Mac? Let’s solve out your confusions.

Top 5 PSP emulators for Windows & Mac PC.

Open EMU

This emulator is considered to be the best among the retro gaming emulator that works on Mac. The emulator comes with a core collection of gaming projects which provides with smooth working and gaming experience. Open EMU works on the basis of core PPSSPP that helps in running the PSP games on the same platform. Some of the best features the emulators come with are Memory emulation, save game support, load playstation game support, gamepad and joystick controlling support for playing games, etc.

To use the emulator for playing games, follow the steps below:

  • Download Open EMU
  • Add games to the category Your Collection
  • Edit the controls section

You are now ready to play the game.

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When it comes to using the original PSP emulator, PPSSPP is the original product that has proved itself on the platforms of Mac and another computer. The emulator helps the players with smooth playing without any kind of interference. Again, after you download the emulator, you also need to install the SDL 2 on your computer for running the PPSSPP for maximum support to the game. To get this emulator here is what you have to do.

  • Firstly, download the zip file extractor and install it on your PC
  • Check whether your Windows system is supporting PPSSPP system or not by visiting System Type
  • Download the PPSSPP Emulator installer
  • When downloaded, right click on PPSSPP and give it a right click and select Extract Files
  • Select the specified folder and then click on OK
  • Open the folder extracted and check whether all files are there
  • Download the ROMs or the play stations games as you minimize the folder
  • Find the name of the game with bracket ending in the USA
  • Click on Direct Download
  • When done, extract the file
  • Store the files on the desktop
  • Open the file and start playing the game


Looking for an alternative to PPSSPP? JPCSP would be an ideal one. It provides with a different emulation library for PSP to select from. Again, the library is created with the help of Java language that provides with various versions for playing on both Windows and Android. The emulator works amazingly on versions like Mavericks, Mountain Lion, Snow Leopard, and much more. It is among the best gaming companion one can have. For downloading the emulator on your Windows PC follow the steps below:

  • Check whether your PC is ready for the installation of the emulator
  • Look for the latest Java Runtime
  • Download JPCSP from the original and official site
  • Run the emulator

Your emulator is now ready for playing with any kind of games.


When it comes to emulators for PSP games, this is the best emulator which is constructed with open source software for getting utmost compatibility for playing games on Mac. With the quick and easy process of download and installation, the emulator gives you a drop box where you can simply drop your favorite game and play it smoothly. With an in-built BIOS system, the emulator also comes with a memory card that can be edited with ease. Here is how you can get the emulator on your Mac device:

  • Download PCSX-Reloaded directly from the official site and install it
  • Carry out the process of downloading and installing Bios
  • Access the Mac’s Library directory
  • Take the Bios file and drag it to the Library Directory
  • Carry out the configuration of PCSX Plugins
  • Download any .ECM game, decompress it
  • Run the PS1 game on PCSX, and you can start playing with it

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So far, Dolphin has come up to be the best emulator for playstation games, especially for games like Triforce, Wii, and GameCube. The game is compatible on various platforms among which Mac is one. The emulator is completely free and among the open sources too which is user-friendly too. Along with this, the user can also use a particular BIOS file which can be used on ROM. In this case, Dolphin also comes with automatic sensing of the files and are automatically played on its own.

Here is how you can get the emulator on your PC.

  • Open the download page of Dolphin and select the version you want to install
  • Click on Windows x64 and your file would be downloaded in WinRAR format
  • Select the destination where you want to extract the files by giving it a right click
  • Save the destination by clicking on OK
  • Open the extracted files and click on the option Dolphin.exe

Finally, select the play station game and start playing.

So, these are some of the PSP emulators that are easy to download, install and use quickly.

PSP Emulator Games

Now, are you ready with the top PSP emulators? It is now time to look for the best PSP games that would add to your excitement. Here is the list of the top 10 PSP games that provide with a classic, PSPgo and follies experience to the players designed by Sony.

Kingdom Hearts 3

The series of Kingdom Hearts has been the best long waited psp emulator game which gives a pleasurable experience which centers heroes like Aqua, Ventus, Sora, and Terra while you play with different abilities in the battleground. The game provides a glimpse of the game Birth by Sleep, and it is counted to be the next version of the game. The ability to add new heroes makes the game more interesting.

Grand Theft Auto – Vice City Stories

Love playing with furious cars and the speed they come with? The Grand Theft Auto is the best version of Vice City Stories that help with better stories. There is nothing more innovative than this play station emulator game if you are looking for a challenging playstation game with a challenging story too. It is among the best versions of Vice City Stories that is played for getting into the main line of the Vice city.

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God of War – Ghost of Sparta

Ghost of Sparta brings the unbelievable part of the game zone on PSP which includes Kratos in it and manages the game well too. If you have already invested your time in the God of War, Ghost of Sparta would surely attract you. The Chains of Olympus is the center of attraction of the emulator game providing a controllable battleground to win. No doubt, God of War comes with a new experience, Ghost of Sparta is still a polished version to enjoy with some more attractive moves.


This game would surely remind you about Jak and Daxter giving you the best platform for playing on a team. If you are quite fond of playing PSP games that are built on grounds like adventure, action, and silliness, Daxter is an ideal platform to play your moves on your computer. The psp emulator game provides you with a platform where you can show up your gaming skills and intelligence at a time more effectively.

Little Big Planet

With a wide range of versions to download, Little Big Planet is a distinctive play stations game by Sony. The psp emulator game comes with a tough ground to play on with different levels which include both action and fun. One prime point about the emulator game is the different levels which are created by other players for you to play. Among the various versions of the game, PS3 is the latest and most opted option that is downloaded by many.

So, if you are looking for top PSP emulators to enjoy top PSP emulator games and want to download on your digital device, its time now to look for the psp emulator game of your choice and begin the play.

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