Top 8 NES Emulators for Windows PC and MAC

Super Mario, Contra, and Metroid, nostalgic enough? Being a 90’s kid, we have seen the technology change. Now we have a play station and other high-end games around, but we still miss those games which we use to play back in our childhood. ‘Who can collect the maximum games’ was the biggest competition among friends and cousins. And when unable to buy the latest game, we use to hire it for a few days and return after playing. These sweet memories of childhood can never die. Therefore to revive these moments, Nintendo brought NES emulators in the market. These emulators are designed to provide these old games on Windows and Mac. NES stands for Nintendo Entertainment system, and these emulators let you play these games on your computer, laptop and pc. But now you might be thinking there are so many emulators in the market, how would we know which one is best? So to solve that little issue, we have listed down some of the best emulators for your pc, laptop, computer or mac book. You just need to download them and enjoy your 90’s days in 2018.

nes emulator


It is one of the most used emulators and can be used with ease. It can provide various elements like FCE Ultra, FCEUXD, FCEU rerecording, FCEU-mm, and FCEUXDSP in one. It supports both gamepads and joysticks with keyboards, and with easy to use control pads. It provides multiple platform supports, and amazing sound with ultra-high graphics and resolution can be customized. Almost all NES games can be played on it, and is very easy to set up and install. It is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.


It is one of the easiest, and commonly used emulator by those who don’t bother about the specifications. People who just want to play games without much efforts and practice, this emulator is for them. It doesn’t provide multiple features, is easy to set up and install and is available for Windows, Mac and androids.


It is an extended version where UE stands for ‘undead emulator’, of Nestopia. It is one of the highly featured NES Emulator. It features cheat codes, multi-players, auto-save, recording and adjustable screen size. It can be customized, easy to install, highly accurate as compared to other emulators, and easy to use though sometimes beginners may find it difficult to use. It supports Windows, Mac and Linux.


Most of the people prefer nintendulator as it is programmed in C++, and is easy to use. Its accuracy is what pulls the users to use it. It supports many games with high-quality sound and graphics. Sometimes this emulator process slow and can create a disturbance while playing as speed is must when it comes to gaming. It may also raise the issue of bugs crashing your computer.


It is one of that NES emulator whose developers stopped developing it, but it is still available in the market and works better than few other emulators whose developers are still trying to make their emulator better to use. Virtua NES stopped developing in 2007, but it is one of the fastest emulators. Runs on any ROM and can be played either by gamepad or joystick. It is highly featured and can be customized. Provides full-screen mode, cheat codes, supports TV, memory hex locations can be changed. It is highly accurate, free download available, easy to install but only supports windows.


Higan name was chosen because of its meaning, i.e., a hero of fire, as it is a multi-system emulator, which supports NES, SNES, boy color, game, game boy, and game boy advance. Its development is stopped, but it is still one of the preferred choices by gamers, due to its multi-system support, cheat codes, full-screen resolution etc. It also provides quality sound support, SRAM, and game folders to arrange and store systematically. It is designed for cycle-accurate SNES and hence crashes very often and reduces the speed.


Retro arch is difficult to set up and install but is one of the most popular NES emulators among the gamers. It provides its users with high-quality graphics, best resolution and a high-quality sound system. It supports most of the games, and give its users the best experience of gaming with old nostalgic games. Also, it is available for both windows and mac hence, people go for it and install this emulator.


It is the only NES emulator that can be used to play games either online on browser or offline by downloading it, setup and then install. It supports most of the games, with good quality graphics and sound system. It is best for those who use PC and doesn’t want to download and install the whole emulator to play games and prefer playing it online on the browser. It is quite easy to use and play, opening one of the alternate options for gamer in the market.

There are many other emulators in the market but these are the most commonly used and despite few doesn’t have developers, they still makes the list of ‘top NES Emulators’. Gamers highly appreciate the use of above NES Emulators. Their quality and graphics are too accurate that it hits the memory lane and take you back directly to those old days which can never come back, but can be experienced by the use of NES Emulators.

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