PlayStation (PS3/PS4) Won’t Turn ON – How to fix? [9 Quick Solutions]

Did your PlayStation suddenly stopped working and not turning on? Don’t worry, we have discussed 9 quick and easy solutions to fix PS4/PS3 and again you will be able to play nonstop Games on your PlayStation Console. Most of the solutions were suggested computer hardware experts so one solution will surely fix your PS4 or whichever PlayStation console you have.

ps4 not turning on

PlayStation is a vital kit to play numerous games. Latest version PS4 has gained a large amount of popularity with a large number of gamer playing their games on PS4 & PS3 consoles. This is leading to a wide range of popularity of the PlayStation among many individuals. Based on the prevalence, even there are equivalently higher numbers of issues faced on them.

Many solutions are available for different problems faced, but having the right solution is essential. One can go through many solutions available over different portals to have smooth access to their PlayStation’s PS4 and PS3 consoles. It will even lead to providing you with an uninterrupted experience of the gaming over your console over a certain period which you desire.

PlayStation (PS4/PS3) Not Turning ON

Recently numbers of users are facing a problem with their PlayStation not turning on. Even if it is turning on with white light, it immediately gets turned off and can also show a red light. Many users have also reported that they hear a beep voice when they are turning on their PS4/PS3. We have discussed here a few of the solutions which you can try out for solving this problem. You won’t be required to try out all the solution, but you can try them in sequence until you find the right one for your PlayStation.

Reconnecting the Power Cable

If there is some corruption issue existing on your device, then this solution will work for you. When you reconnect your power cable, it will reset your PS3. This is the first thing you should try out as it can solve the minor issue which might be existing on your device. After unplugging the power cable wait for about 30 seconds before plugging it back.

Clear Dust in your PS4

There are chances that collection of dust in your PlayStation might be affecting it’s working. One can clean the dust present on their PS4 or PS3 can solve the problem if it is hindering the functioning of the system. It is possible to blow your vents over disk drive, performing cleaning inside by opening top plate. After performing this operation try restarting your console.


One of the most common causes that your PlayStation might not be powering up can be bugs. It might have been infected with cockroaches, or other similar bugs. They are likely going to affect your system by means of some damage inside. In such case just cleaning your bugs won’t be solving the issue. This would require fixing the problem which they have caused inside the system to make it function smoothly again.

Faulty Power Supply

This problem is not as common as other issues, but there are chances of occurrence of this issue. If you have tried all the solutions provided on the list here and none of them works then it might be caused due to the inadequate power supply to your PS4 or PS3.

Insert Disk into PlayStation

In this method, one can try inserting their disk to make the device detect the drive. When PS3 detects the disk, it will be initiated normally. You don’t have to push all your disk’s in but insert your disk slowly so that the device gets time to detect it. It is designed that when it detects the disk being inserted into the device, it will be automatically started. Now if your PlayStation is not starting even while inserting a disk then you need to go through other methods to make their PlayStation to turn on.

Rebuilding your database of PlayStation

If all of the above methods fail, then you can rebuild the database of your PlayStation. The data of your PlayStation will be completely cleared in this case which will be useful in sorting everything located over the hard drive. One can do this by means of connecting the controller of PlayStation to the console by using the USB cable. Now you have to press and hold the power button available, till the time you hear a beep sound from your PS4. When you release this button, your device will run in safe mode and will initiate in a normal way after going through rest mode. Here you have to select the option of “Rebuild Database” option.

Power Strip

This method will be useful if you are having your device connected to a Power Strip. In that case, you should try connecting your PS3 directly into the wall. When it is connected to a Power Strip there are chances that no power is issued to the console. If you want to test this issue then the most convenient and easy way is to connect it to the wall. It will help you to identify whether the problem lies with the Power Strip which is used.

Hit Your PS4

Normally this method will come last as it is not a full proof solution. When you are applying this method, unplug your power cable and hit your PS4 or PS3 box. It will provide a shock to your system which can pose chances of making your system to bring back to working condition. Now connect back the power cable and check whether it’s working now. Beware that while hitting the system don’t hit it too hard that it might damage your system.

Have Your PS4 Serviced

One can try this method at the last when all the methods have failed. In that case, you have to contact the service engineer who is an expert in solving the problems of your device. This is required as there might be some serious damage caused to your PS4 or PS3 system. It will require you to pay someone who is expert in this area to solve your problem with PlayStation.

Thus, we can say that there are various methods which one can try out to solve the problem with their PlayStation. One can try the methods in sequence till they find the method which suits their requirements. All of these methods are solving problems which are caused by a minor issue with your device and hence can be solved quite easily. These methods are applicable over different PlayStations available which include PS1, PS2, PS3, and PS4. It is also possible to regularly update the system to have the latest improvements in your device.

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