BlueStacks vs Other Android Emulators (Andy, Nox, KoPlayer, MEMU, Genymotion, Remix OS)

There are many emulators available in the market to run Android applications. It will help in ensuring that we get the best application experience even on our desktop. Android Emulator is an Android Virtual Device (AVD) which is used for emulating the Android environment for other operating systems. This will make apps to run virtually over other devices running another operating system.

Mainly the Android emulator gained traction due to the release of Android SDK by Google. This resulted in gaining more popularity for the use of Android Emulators. Each of the emulator available is having their own unique feature to be used for running different android applications. Currently, Bluestacks is considered as the stable emulator to be used for running Android Applications.

Comparison of Different Android Emulators with BlueStacks

We have made here a thorough comparison between different android emulators available in the market with bluestacks. This will help any of the users to make a proper choice regarding which emulator is best suited. Even it can result in improvement in the productivity of the individual who is performing their various tasks by using the Emulator in their desktop device.

Andy Vs Bluestacks

Bluestacks is a fantastic emulator which is quite easy to be downloaded. It provides a fantastic platform not only to play games but even to run many of the popular social media applications. This emulator is offering a great platform to run effective graphics with smoother gameplay. Andy is also one of the great emulators which are providing the facility of playing amazing games and having access to different applications. Even Andy provides a feature of syncing your games and apps with your connected Google Account.

andy emulator

Nox Vs Bluestacks

The primary advantage of using Nox emulator is the speed which it provides to your computer. This emulator will benefit you even to play higher graphics game or even applications which are running over higher graphics. One can, therefore, have a good experience of the quality and graphics when they are playing an application or even games on their device.

nox app player

As compared to that one who is new to use of emulator might find the home screen of Bluestacks little confusing as the applications which it tends to show are not all installed in your device. Even the mapping feature of the keyboard is not working well over all the feature of the emulator. This makes nox to win in terms of benefits against Bluestacks.

Memu Vs Bluestacks

It is essential to consider the working experience on both the platforms to accurately compare them. Based on the experiments conducted, it is found that Memu is comparatively smoother and faster as compared to Bluestacks. Even it will provide a more seamless experience while you are playing a game. This is required as Games are the highest users of processing power.

memu android emulator

When we are considering in terms of the initial loading time for both the emulators, then Memu will score more due to its loading time of 13 seconds as compared to 25 seconds of Bluestacks. The main reason behind higher time for Bluestacks is the streaming integration provided. The reason behind being faster for Memu is little to no advertisements shown in them.

KoPlayer Vs Bluestacks

KoPlayer is also an alternative to Bluestacks for running Android applications and games in your PC with best possible controls. There will be lesser to no ads shown in the KoPlayer which gives it an upper edge to the BlueStacks as ads might reduce the loading time. Even Koplayer supports to have multiple accounts in the application for any of the user.


The user will also be benefited by the video recording feature available in the application which will even support the use of the keyboard. These applications are using an x86 architecture which is running faster and has a stable environment in your device as compared to Bluestacks.

Remix OS Vs Bluestacks

As the name suggests Remix OS is a kind of operating system and not an executable file. This means that it can’t be executed but will be available in .iso files which will require you to either have a virtual environment or you can use it as a bootup drive. Similar to other operating systems, this one also has a start menu, and its interface is almost similar to Windows.

remix os

Bluestacks is an executable file as compared to Remix OS. One can execute the file and install it on their system to run various android applications. The interface of Bluestacks is almost similar to the Android device which makes it easier for any of the individuals to use this platform.

Genymotion Vs Bluestacks

When it comes to selecting the best Android emulator from Genymotion or Bluestacks then genymotion would definitely hold a higher position. The prime reason for the high popularity of Genymotion is its capability to use the OpenGL graphics cards. It will lead to an increase in its speed as compared to Bluestacks.


This will lead to a large number of applications running smoothly over Genymotion without suffering from any kind of issue. Even it will lead to higher quality of games being placed over the device where you have installed the Android emulator. Ultimately you will have more professional experience of using the Android platform over any of the desktop devices.


Thus, we can say that there is a large number of Android Emulators available. Each of them holds their own unique peculiarity which makes them popular among a large community of people. Based on the comparison with Bluestacks many of the emulators are found to be providing more beneficial features than bluestacks. One can select the Android Emulator based on the kind of task which they intend to have from them and their available features.

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