5 Best Nexus 6 ROMs

Nexus 6 ROMs: Do you want to install best Custom ROMs to your Nexus 6?

Download and Install 3 Best Custom ROMs for Nexus 6:

Hello Guys, welcome to EasyWebFixes. Today we are going to deal with Best Custom Roms for Nexus 6. Nexus 6 is considered as bit old now, but as per capabilities of Nexus, Nexus 6 is also one of the best performance device. To use best out of Nexus 6, custom ROMs plays an important role. 70% Performance of Nexus 6 depends on custom ROMs installed in your Nexus 6. So if you want to install Custom ROMs to your Nexus 6 then best Custom ROMs will make your Nexus 6 more efficient and more powerful device.nexus 6 roms

Nowadays there are lot choices for Custom ROMs of Nexus 6 are available in market. But some are very buggy and tends to decrease efficiency of your device. So it is always recommended to know about which are best options of Custom ROMs available for your device before flashing any Custom ROMs.

Before installing any ROMs make sure first you take backup of your all important data such as Apps, Contacts, Images, Videos, Documents and all miscellaneous files. Make sure that no one temper your mobile while you are flashing Custom ROMs to your device because this may brick your device. Do take all precautions while installing Custom ROMs to Nexus 6 because you permanently brick your device.

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5 Best Nexus 6 Roms

Take Note: Do take all precautions while installing Custom ROMs to Nexus 6 because you permanently brick your device.

Best Nexus 6 Custom ROMs

Best Custom ROMs for Nexus 6 to Download:

Pure Nexus

Pure Nexus is one of the best custom ROMs for Nexus 6 becuse it is specially made for Nexus and Google mobile mobile devices. Nexus ROM 7.1.1 is already out and main update about Nexus ROM is Google Assistant comes inbuilt. In Pure Nexus ROM you will get best customization options for settings and apps you want. You can customize your Navigation Bar, menu, apps icons and home too. In Pure Nexus Custom ROM you can also disable your Navigation Bar if you dont want. You can also customize notification sounds in Pure Nexus ROMs. You can also customize the look of battery, wifi and time in navigation bar and you can also enable to show internet speed in pure Nexus ROMs. Now you will find very less bugs and you will also get regular updates too.

Watch Videos on Review of Pure Nexus:

Download Pure Nexus 7.1.1

Pure Nexus

Chroma Nexus 6

Chroma ROMs for Nexus 6 is a light weight custom ROMs and it also comes with inbuilt tools to improve performance of battery and stability. So with this custom ROMs you will get a lot of new features added to your device and the developer of this custom ROMs brings out updates very quickly. As you will not be receiving updates from google now you need to manually install those updates. So overall this custom ROMs is very fast and smooth. Inside the settings menu you will find a new option called Chroma and from this option you can just change a lot of things. From status bar you can change the battery indicator and you can also change the brightness of your screen by sliding your finger over the status bar and double tapping the status bar will turn off the screen you can just enable or disable these features from settings. You can change a lot of things about the quick settings panel.

Watch a Video on Chroma Nexus 6 ROMs:

Download Chroma ROMs for Nexus 6:

Download Chroma ROMs for Nexus 6

Cataclysm ROM

Cataclysm ROMs looks best at the customizations. It is running on the latest version of Android. It is really good and best quick settings. All functions and rock screen you can find a lot of new shot kids then you can just add things like quick interlock you can easily block notifiactions while you are busy and a lot of good features you can just. Nexus 6 ROMs have double tap to sleep as well as double tap wake up your lock screen.

Cyanogenmod Nexus 6

Cyanogenmod is one of the best-known custom roms out there enabling millions of users around the world to custom their devices. Cyanogenmod is so popular that the people behind cyanogenmod started cyanogen Inc and developed partnerships with phone manufacturers that have cyanogenmod as the default operating system. So how can you forget to try Cyanogenmod on your Nexus 6. Cyanogenmod started out as a simple alternative to stock android on the HTC dream and HTC magic devices.

Cyanogenmod in Android Open Source has root nature and the ability to obtain root access and anything is possible and with the popularity of custom roms. Whole reason behind installing a Cyanogenmod custom rom on Nexus 6 is to add features improved performance and change the look of stock Android. This is exactly what you get with cyanogenmod there are features in cyanogenmod that are simply not available in stock Android. Like the ability to change the status bar to your liking or apply different themes cyanogenmod brings a lot to the table in terms of freedom and one of the biggest aspects of that is root access you see root access gives you administrative rights. This means you can access all your system files and just allows you to do a lot more for example there’s no official way to backup your data easily however if you use titanium backup and its root needed features you can backup your apps and data and transfer your data to another device without fail and many more features. So cyanogenmod is also considered as best Custom ROMs for Nexus 6.

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So this was list of 5 best Nexus 6 ROMs. Hope you liked our list of best custom ROMS for Nexus 6. We would glad to answer you queries in comment section below.

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  1. Thanks for the info. I have had my Nexus 6 for 2 years, it is the first Android device I waited on to root and flash with a custom ROM. The main reason was Google was releasing updates quickly for it, so I lived with it as is. Once I paid it off a month ago, I went to Pure Nexus. But now after running it for a month, I am going to check out Chroma Nexus 6. I lime lightweight ROMs. Nexus 6 still has a lot of life left on it. I would like to ha e Octa Core phone, but this quad core in the Nexus is good. I figure I can get another few years out of this phone, it has 3GBs of.RAM and a quad, should be good enough for awhile.

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