Best PS3 Game ROMs to play on the best PS3 Emulator

Who hasn’t craved for at least one Play Station console in their life?! If you have too and backed off because of its high cost, your dream is about to come true! No, we aren’t giving away PS3 (hopefully someday we will)! However, we have compiled the list of best ps3 ROMs you can try on a ps3 emulator – all free of cost. Not only that, you can even enjoy some of these games on both your PC and Android and with your friends!

BlazBlue: Central Fiction

BlazBlue is a 2D fighting game compatible with Microsoft Windows, PS3, Nintendo Switch, and PS4. The game is quite recent, being built in 2019, and has diversely-abled characters to play with. It also supports single-player as well as multiplayer so you can enjoy it with your friends.

The developers, Arc System Works have released it in many parts, Central Fiction being a popular one. The game is similar to any fighting game and features a health bar indicating the health status of the character throughout the game. It is full in the beginning and shakes wherever the health drops and your player is hit.

WRC 5FIA World Rally Championship

WAC 5 is a very popular racing game compatible with Windows, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PS3, PS4. This is one of the best ps3 games and is available for free on the internet to enjoy on a ps3 emulator. The theme of the game is the 2K15 World Rally Championship.

Any racing game-lover will definitely love this especially for its realistic visuals and multiplayer support on a ps3 emulator. This game has been around since October 2015 and was developed by Kylotonn.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Transformer: Dark of the moon game, as the title indicates, was developed by High moon Studio in 2011 inspired by the original movie. The genre is an action-adventure third-person shooter game. In this game, you have to stand against a destructive Transformer machine that strives to destroy the Earth.

The game is compatible with a ps3 emulator, iOS, Wii, Nintendo, and PS3. The player can ride on various vehicles to fight the villain. This game unfortunately does not have a multiplayer mode.

Call of Duty: Back Ops III

There’s no need for a special introduction to this game. Developed by Treyarch in 2015, Call Of Duty is still a widely-crazed first-person shooting game where. Black Ops III is the most popular among all versions of the game and is compatible on ps3, ps4, Xbox 360, MS Windows, and macOS.

The game has a lot of functionality and is quite hyped among gamers because of its interesting multiplayer mode and multiple Battlefield options. What makes the game stand out among other fighting games is it comes with a story associated with the different tasks and fights.

Madden NFL 17

Developed by EA Tiburon in 2016, this sports-genre title is based on the National Football League which is compatible on various platforms. This is a much-hyped game among football lovers and gamers alike. Formulate an unbeatable team by choosing between different player options to make a record score.

It is one of the most popular ps3 game ROMs to play on a ps3 emulator. You can even enjoy it with your friends because of its multiplayer support. But you can also play it alone.

Assassin’s Creed Rogue

Much like Call of Duty, the Assassin’s Creed Rogue is also a popular action-adventure, stealth game developed by Ubisoft Sofia in 2014 with mind-blowing graphics and sound effects. It’s an open-world game allowing characters to explore different cities but with weapons to combat enemies who are the main obstacles in this game.

The title is originally compatible with MS Windows PS3, PS4, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. But now, ps3 emulators let you enjoy this single-player adventure game.

Best PS3 Emulator for Phone and PC:


RPCS3 is the common name you can find in most ‘Top PS3 Emulator’ lists. Being open-source software, it is constantly being updated to remove bugs and make it sophisticated. Nevertheless, it is still a very reliable and extraordinary option. Another good thing about RPCS3 is that it is compatible with both Linux and Windows. Thirdly, this ps3 emulator supports over a thousand ps3 ROMs. The Windows system requirements are as follows:

  • Windows 7
  • 3GB of RAM
  • OpenGL 4.3
  • MS Visual C++ 2015
  • PlayStation 3.pup system files.

The only con is that this is still at an early stage.


Some gamers believe it to be the best ps3 Emulator in the world and it correctly has all the reasons for such a fan base. This is quite easy to use with a simple user interface and thus is popular among both beginners and pro players. ESX is compatible with most ps3 exclusive games, a rare feature among ps3 emulators. But this isn’t the end.

The best feature is that it lets you play any game using the already-present graphics and the emulator is also smooth in its performance. However, to tap its full potential, you require powerful hardware which is understandable. The system requirements are:

  • Windows 7 or up version
  • Intel CPU (3.2 GH) or an AMD Quad Core CPU
  • NVIDIA GTX 660 GP (ATI Radeon HD7870)
  • 2GB+ RAM


An all-in-one game emulator over multiple platforms, the RetroArch is essentially a multi-core emulator. Just a single app allows you access to all the games on ps3 console. RetroArch is easily available on Google Playstore and can be run on both iOS and Android. It also has a high game compatibility rate. RetroArch’s versatility cannot be matched by any other ps3 emulator.

Also, to major gamer’s rescue, this is totally free, open-source, and it runs without any ad. The only downside is that it seems bit complex in the beginning. Once you get used to it, you won’t think of switching to any other emulator for playing ps2 ROMs.

PlayStation Now

PlayStation Now is a fascinating program because it isn’t an emulator but acts like one. It is a cloud service that is accessible through a monthly subscription fee. This grants you access to games from all three consoles – PS3, PS4, and PS2. This service is reliable compared to other emulators and regular updates make it suitable.

Even, you can also play heavy games using this on a comparatively low-end hardware. These pros also attract certain disadvantages that you should keep in mind. The first one being you need a decent internet connection of at least 5Mbps to tap the full features of this app. This is not suitable if you want a free ps3 emulator.

System requirements:

  • Windows 7
  • Intel Core i3 (3.5GHz)
  • 2GB RAM.


Though this emulator is built for PSP games, this also allows PS2 and PS3 games. This is one of the best ps3 emulators for Android. Not only can you access most ps3 games, you can also play all ps2 games. Now you can enjoy diverse popular titles like Dragon Ball Z, Monster Hunter, and so on. One drawback is that this emulator lags but only occasionally. Overall, the PPSSPP handles various ROMs quite smoothly.


Mednafen is a relatively new software released in 2018 but it’s fan base has only skyrocketed since then. The user interface and settings are the most intuitive and straightforward as you can get. It has a hardware support controller and is compatible with most ps3 ROMs.

Moreover, it is also compatible with ROMs of other consoles like Neo Geo Pocket, GameBoy, Sega Game Gear, and so on. The performance graphics and sound system is excellent. The best feature however remains to be this emulator lets you remap the ps3 hotkeys.


Which is the best ps3 emulator?

RetroArch being a multi-core emulator clearly bags the title of the ‘best ps3 emulator for Android and PC’.

Can I play ps2 games on ps3 emulator?

Yes, you can! Not only ps2, you can even play a ps4 ROM on a ps3 emulator, and even games from other consoles.

Final words

If you were looking for the best way of enjoying ps3 titles on your Android and PC, your ends here! We have compiled the list of best ps3 emulator along with the all-time popular ps3 titles you can enjoy. Most of the options listed by us are free ps3 emulator for Android but some of them even run on PC. Overall, if you can pay for a subscription, PlayStation Now should be your choice. But the rest of the emulators also perform comparably well in all major aspects – speed, graphics, sound, cheat code support, hardware controller support, frequent updates and so on.

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