Best N64 Emulator and their Game ROMs for Phones and PC

One cannot deny the fact that the classics are the best version of everything, Nintendo is the classic version of gaming consoles. If you are an admirer of games and love to play different types of games on different types of consoles, then you must have known about the Nintendo.

Nintendo’s changed the way of looking at gaming consoles, they came into action in the ’90s and introduced very powerful hardware of 64 bit, and also introduced some extraordinary games that we still crave to play. Most of you must have wondered that you cannot play the N64 (Nintendo 64) games without a working N64, but the N64 Emulators for phone and Pc are of great help. So let’s look into some of the best n64 game ROMs and emulators for phones and PC.

Majora’s Mask REDUX (Majora’s Mask)

This game is the favorite of millions because of its royalty and fabulous gameplay. The dark entry and the bizarre look were enough to thrill the gamers. It is the best game of its kind with the best story mode that makes the players more enthusiastic to play the game again and again. It was released in a time when you couldn’t rewind a game or go back for making your mistakes correct, but this game came with a save feature that lets you save your progress so that it becomes easy for you to give your mistakes a chance.

Super Mario 64

Super Mario is one of the best-known games of ever, all generations have loved this game and it has made a special place in everyone’s heart. The original Mario had some conflict so they couldn’t run well, but the Super Mario 64 had some great impact on the gamers, it is as perfect as it was 24 years ago. Still, people desire to play it and the n64 Rom version helps them play it on an emulator easily.

GoldenEyeX (Perfect Dark)

The GoldenEyeX (Perfect Dark) is a First-person shooting game with intense graphics and details. This game is counted as one of the most interacted and loved games of all time. It was released in the year 2000 as a successor of the GoldenEye 007, and it was intended to play to the Nintendo 64 (N64) console. This was a high-end game for that time and gave goosebumps to the player while playing. You can still play this game without an N64 console easily with the help of an N64 emulator and a perfect pack of ROM for this game.

Mario Kart 64

The Mario Kart 64 was originally introduced by the Nintendo company as a successor of the Super Mario Kart in the year 1996 with average graphics and gameplay. It was launched for the Nintendo 64 consoles and everybody loved to play this kart racing adventure game. They had 3D graphics for giving more details and also came up with 4 player support, that helped a group of friends play among themselves and compete. If you still want to enjoy the game and don’t have a Nintendo console, then we have a solution for you. You can easily play this game on your android device or pc with an n64 emulator.

WWF No Mercy

The WWF games have a special place in the hearts of wrestling game lovers. Many wrestling games came and gone but the WWF No Mercy left an impression of its own. It is the best AKI wrestling game of all time with all real WWF features and character-building features where you can make your favorite character. This game is the most easily playable in 2021 and also can be played easily on an android device or a pc with an emulator.

Pokemon Snap

The Pokemon snap is an FPP (first-person) photography game with a shooting option. It was developed in the year 1999 intended to run on the Nintendo 64 with great graphics. It was the first console game of the pokemon series with 3D graphics and all pokemon under one game. You have to take photos of objects and you get points on the quality of your photos. You can easily play this game without an n64 console on your pc or android device with a Game ROM and N64 Emulator.

Best N64 Emulators for Phones and PC:

Citra N64 Emulator

The Citra N64 Emulator is one of the best and newest emulators for a Nintendo console. It has 3DS technology, that allows you to play your games with the support of a camera, motion control, and microphone. This is best for the 3DS Nintendo consoles and runs smoothly with the proper Game ROM. This emulator supports most of the basic features such as external controllers, save and load features, etc.

Its premium version provides some exotic features like a dark theme, some appearance filters, and more. This emulator works well with almost all games, you just need a proper Game ROM. The company acclaims over 100 titles of compatibility but it is not sure that which one works well with it and which one shows lags and problems. Overall it is the best choice for your android device.

ePSXe N64 Emulator

The ePSXe N64 Emulator is a great choice as it comes in types, and this one is simpler as it focuses on simple small game runs. It runs well with all the N64 games and shows no lags and issues most of the time. You just need a good ROM that supports the hardware.

It comes with a customizable keyboard that is virtual and hardware controller support. It also comes with a save and load feature that makes it easier to keep a record of your gameplay progress. This is the best choice for those who do not want to go for complex setups, just load your ROMs and play your favorite games with this Emulator.

EmuBox N64 Emulator

The EmuBox N64 Emulator is a free app with many features. It is an all-in-one emulator which can run all other types of consoles along with the Nintendo DS. It is the same as the ClassicBoy emulator but uses a different support setup.

It has a sports design along with new features that are highly advanced, but it also comes with the basic features of a classic emulator such as save and load function, external controller setup, fast forward feature, and many others. If you go deep into the settings then you can upgrade its performance even more.

It is the best choice for the ones who want a free version without any advertisements. You can buy the premium version if you want a pure ad-free environment.

Dolphin N64 Emulator

The Dolphin browser is a well-known browser of all time, but it was absent for a timing. It is back with a Gamecube and Wii emulator functions for android and now it will stick around giving new updates and features.

The Emulator gives you the advantage to play on both systems with equal competence. It still has some developments left so sometimes it may show some problems and lag during connection and gameplay. You just need your own Game ROM and you are ready to go. This is a free version, so you can easily get it across the internet.

Reicast N64 Emulator

The Recast N64 Emulator is one of its kind and the most exciting fact is that it comes free. It can help run games from different consoles along with the Nintendo 64 console with a whole new support system. It is the only Sega Dream cast emulator that is almost competent.

It has all the basic features like the save and load function, fast forward function, and controller setup. This emulator also supports GDI, CDI, and CHD(V4) game formats just by downloading some files and customizing folders. You may notice some lags and issues while playing games or installing but it is a good choice as it is a free emulator.


Which is the safest n64 emulator?

All n64 emulators are safe if downloaded from a reliable site. The most reliable ones include the EmuBox, RetroArch, etc.

Which is the best n64 emulator?

Citra is the best n64 emulator owing to its versatility and unique features not found in any other emulator. Other emulators like the EmuBox and RetroArch are also quite comparable in performance and other features.

Final Words

N64 is among the top cravings of all gamers throughout the world. N64 houses loads of nail-biting games. However, owing to their high price tag, it cannot be afforded by most gamers. But today, there’s no reason to worry because several n64 emulators are available for Android and PC so that gamers can enjoy the popular titles with the same experience as on a console. After a detailed comparison, we have listed the top n64 emulators along with the best n64 game ROMs you can play on your smartphone.

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