How to Reply to Specific Message in Instagram?

Facebook-owned Instagram being the number one portal to share pictures has also attracted most of its users for its chat features. Instagram has released many new updates along with the awesome themes, voice, and video calls feature for their Chats. Still, many Instagram Lovers miss their hot favorite feature to reply to specific messages.

Just stay tuned with us to enable a reply to the specific messages on your Instagram. Along with this feature, we will also explore many useful chat features. You won’t only enjoy chatting over Instagram but will love to infinitely keep messaging.

We have covered the whole solution in two steps, apply the second step after the first one.

Step 1: Reply to Specific Message in Instagram

Unlike Whatsapp, Instagram had no option to swipe and reply to the particular messages of your loved ones. You have to give appropriate details about the message which you sent earlier or sent its screenshot or even have to message again about the same. Now, it’s an old story and you have also turned old from using the latest feature if you don’t know about the new swipe and reply feature on Instagram.

Yes, you heard it correct, Instagram has already pushed the reply to specific messages in updates. See the below screenshot for the proof.

Just like Whatsapp, you will see the message link with the preview gettings attached above the reply box. Just type the text and reply back to your friend. The old message will be enclosed in a preview for your friend and it will be easy for him to track back to the old message.

Just hold the message and try swiping left to use this feature. If you are not able to do the same then you have to update your Instagram.

Launch the Play Store on your Android and search for Instagram. Tap on the available Update button to start downloading the latest update to Instagram. It will take few minutes based on your Internet Speed. The new version will automatically be installed on your phone. Now, open the app drawer and launch Instagram. Tap on the Messages icon on the top left corner and open your friend messages. Now hold the particular message and swipe right to reply to that specific message.

You have to update Instagram from the App Store if you are on your iPhone or iPad.

Whereas on Instagram for WEB you will get a reply icon just on the right side of the message.

Step 2: Enable Cross-app Messaging Feature

Instagram just revealed a new option for merging its chats with messenger messages as a cross-app messaging feature. Now you can message your Facebook friends directly from your Insta and vice versa. All the messenger features are also pushed in the Instagram Chats, especially reacting with and EMOJI and Replying to Specific Messages.

You have to enable the cross-app messages with your Facebook Messenger to get all its feature. Soon Facebook might merge Whatsapp to make it one powerful platform for chatting anywhere on the Internet. You will enjoy plenty of new features by enabling this option.

Launch the Instagram and tap on profile. Swipe left the Menu and click on the Settings gear icon. You will see the Update Message option, tap on Learn More then Update and link your Messenger with Instagram.

To change the Messenger options just Scroll down to the Privacy option and tap on the Messages. You can change which external friends can chat over Instagram.

Once you have enabled the cross-app messaging feature your direct message icon will be turned as Messenger ICON and you will able to reply instantly to the specific messages just by swiping them right.

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