Why Facebook is so slow? – How to fix Slow Facebook and load faster?

Slow Facebook: Facebook is one of the most visited sites in the world and also one of the site where people spent most time even in hours continuously. Facebook incorporates many features and has many options. Due to the vast functionality and customizations, facebook loads lots of stuff such as images, videos, javascript, static files amongst others once you have entered into your profile. Very often it makes the Facebook experience slow and it lags as well at times.why facebook is slow

We have listed down a number of reasons responsible for it and also provided solutions for the same that will not just prevent slow loading/lags/not opening but will also considerably save your internet bandwidth and make your entire experience of Facebook smooth as facebook desktop site.

Don’t use Facebook in Google Chrome

Google chrome no doubt is one of the most popular web browsers for windows at present owing to it’s rich experience and vast number of add-ons present with it. No doubt it provides a rich experience but to do so, it also consumer more memory, cpu resources and takes much more bandwidth as compared to others to do so.why facebook is so slow

It runs many background operations as well alongside which can in turn affect performance and can cause issues in browsing as well as using the system. To prevent this from happening, switching to alternatives such as opera and firefox is recommended.

Keep Browser Extensions and Plugins to a Minimum

Despite all the beliefs and claims that these browser extensions may make to fasten your browsing experience, all they do is slow down and cause lags. They in turn increase the load on your browser and interfere with regular browsing process. Avoiding useless extensions and plugins can resolve the matter to much extent.

Not so often these third party apps which often are having bugs or containing malware, can cause problems in your system as well. So, it’s best to avoid using such as far as possible and if necessary then go for trusted and verified apps from well reputed sources only and avoid using crack versions as far as possible. Also, check out the tricks to download facebook videos on mobile and pc.

Increasing Your RAM Capacity

Ram usage is another one of the main reasons for not just slowing down browsing but system usage as well. A normal user multi-tasks quite a lot and between switching different processes, ram plays a very important role as all programs refer it to while going from passive to active state. Having a good size RAM which can cooperate with rest of the cpu hardware without lagging behind or having itself unused alongside fulfilling all your needs is very crucial.

You can use the memory tab in task manager(windows) & activity monitor(mac) to see the resources allocated to each process and check total memory consumption and decide alongside to select the size of RAM. Minimum recommended size is 8gb.

Using Mobile Version(on PC) & Lite Version(on Mobile)

You can download facebook lite app for your smartphone & continue using facebook with the enhanced smooth interface. Unlike normal app, this app was developed by facebook specifically for areas with slow internet and for third-world countries with connectivity problems. This app doesn’t contains all the features of facebook but rather the most used ones as well as all the basic ones too.

On the other hand if you are facing this issue in laptop or desktop then you can try using the mobile version of facebook via “m.facebook.com”, it opens the same version of Facebook that opens when you use Facebook on any mobile device and is considerably lite and works well on slow speeds as it’s designed for 2g mobile users. Do you know that now we can even logout of facebook messenger directly without erasing facebook messenger data.

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Often at times due to heavy load or some physical line issue, facebook can also cause problems in which case it’s best to wait for a while. If you know some other reason for sluggish speed of facebook then do tell us.

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