Fix: Windows 10 Update KB5003637 BUGS and ISSUES

Windows 10 Update KB5003637 was recently released on 8th June 2021. It was automatically installed for most of the users and also created lots of issues for them. For some users, the installation was failed and paused halfway whereas for others it broke the critical elements such as Taskbar and the desktop. Overall Windows 10 KB5003637 is a total mess. It seems like Microsoft released the half-baked update just with the latest security patches.

This update is released for Windows 10 2004, 20H2, and 21H1 versions as the monthly quality update. It will automatically download and install through the Windows Update Clients. Microsoft has added its support for the Windows 10 Home, Pro, and the Enterprise editions of both 32 bit and 64 bit OS.

Windows 10 KB5003637 Changes and Improvements:

  • Weather and News Insights was added to the Taskbar.
  • Microsoft Edge Legacy edition was removed and the new Microsoft Edge was installed on the device.
  • Security enhancement when using the input devices such as Pen, Mouse, or Keyboard.
  • Online verification when logging from the Microsoft Account.
  • Security improvements during the Windows basic operations.
  • Changes to the Windows file management.

These were the key feature and changes along with the update but it also broke and crashed the Windows for many users.

Windows 10 KB5003637 BUGS & ISSUES

Update Failed to Install

Many users faced the Windows 10 KB5003637 Installation Error on their current build versions of 2004, 20H2, and 21H1. Firstly, this update was released through the Update Client hence it was automatically downloaded on the system. Then message dialog appeared with the Restart to install the update where the user is asked to install the update right away or later when we reboot the PC. Though following the Windows 10 automatic procedure it stopped in middle with the installation failed message.

For some Windows 10 update installation failed appeared on the blue screen and was listed on the Windows Updates settings for others. Some users also tried to install manually from the Settings page and even Update was failed for them too.

windows 10 update failed to install

Taskbar Issues

For whom the installation went smooth later it turned out worst for them. The taskbar was hanging in the middle post the installation. Sometimes App icons disappeared from the Taskbar and the whole System tray with the icons, dates, notification area, action center, and desktop previews was gone. Even Taskbar used to resize automatically to create a lot of distractions.

Weather and the News Insights in the Taskbar

Microsoft added the Weather and the News Insights widget in the Taskbar. It appears on the left side of the Taskbar along with the System tray icons. The whole News and Interest menu of the start menu size also appears when hovering over the Weather icon. The news and interest menu is powered by Microsoft News consists of the latest news, weather readings, and sports score. It is one of the reasons behind the problem with the Taskbar.

Fix Windows 10 KB5003637 Update

Windows 10 updates have also gone wrong earlier with users. It has turned out a nightmare for the users but we have covered our readers in all such situations. Apply the solutions to fix this Windows update.

Remove Weather from Taskbar

Microsoft recently added the Weather option in the Taskbar. Many users tried to turn it off from the Taskbar settings but didn’t found any option. The Weather option is present on the Taskbar itself. You can turn it off or change its other options.

Press the right mouse key from the Taskbar to open its options. Take your mouse cursor on the News and Interests option and Turn it off from there itself.

You can choose to show an icon or the text in Taskbar. Also, disable the News and Interests menu on hover. We will recommend removing Weather completely to fix your Taskbar.

Uninstall KB5003637 Update

Different Windows Updates are pushed differently to the users’ devices. These updates are divided into Security updates, Quality updates, and Feature Updates. Generally, Security updates are consist of the latest security patches of the recent month. Whereas Feature Updates make the major changes including the version. Windows 10 21H1 is a feature update from 2004. Mostly you can’t uninstall the feature updates.

Windows 10 KB5003637 is a quality update and you can uninstall or revert back from this update. Windows 10 will just undo all the changes and remove the downloaded files. It’s like the system restore option just for the system files excluding your personal files and their changes.

If you are facing lots of issues after automatic updates then uninstall this update from the Settings page. Launch the Update & security settings. Tap on the View update history to see the installed updates on your device. Click on the very first Uninstall updates to open the control panel with the installed updates list. Now look for all the updates with the KB5003637 version in the Microsoft Windows section and uninstall them from your device.

Also, Pause updates from the Advanced options for a maximum of 35 days to stay safe from half-baked updates.

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