Windows 11 KB5006746 has fixed lot of BUGS & Issues

Microsoft has released the next optional update to the Windows 11 users as 2021-10 Cumulative Update for Windows 11 for x64-based Systems (KB5006746). It’s freely available to download and install from the Windows Update Center and Microsoft Update Catalog.

windows 11 kb5006746

Windows 11 KB5006746 is also known as the 21st October 2021 Update with OS Build 22000.282. It’s the second update in a row after Windows 11 KB5006674 Update.

Microsoft has addressed a lot of issues with the improvements and fixes. Windows 11 Build 22000.282 includes the fixes to the critical issues that have affected AMD CPUs and gaming performance. KB5006746 Update also includes the L3 cache support for AMD Ryzen processors to give its CPU cores the best gaming performance benchmarks.

Overall, this update is a win-win for all Windows 11 users. Now let’s cover the major highlights, changes, improvements, and fixes with KB5005746.

Download Cumulative Update for Windows 11 KB5006746

Cumulative Update for Windows 11 KB5006746 is an optional update without security patches. You have to download and install it from the Windows Update Section.

First of all, disable the metered connection option from the properties of your connected network. Tap on the WiFi or Network icon from the right side of your taskbar. Further, expand the WiFi option from the action center and tap on the “i” icon to open the connected network properties. Find the metered connection option and disable it to download Windows Update without interruptions.

metered connection windows 11

Now let’s check for the latest updates. Press Windows + I keys shortcut to launch the Settings and tap on the last Windows Update option from the right side menu. Click on the Check for the latest update on your device. Your device will run Microsoft Update Services to fetch the latest updates. It may automatically start downloading the pending quality, driver, security definitions, and other updates.

The most important, 2021-10 Cumulative Update for Windows 11 for x64-based Systems (KB5006746) will be listed as an optional update to be downloaded and installed only your choice. Tap on the Download & Install button to begin the process. You have to restart to install the update.

windows 11 kb5006746

You can also get its standalone package from the Microsoft Update Catalog if you are getting Windows 11 download error. Double click on the downloaded MSU file to run the installation.

Windows 11 Build 22000.282 (KB5006746) Improvements

Microsoft has fixed the issue causing a major performance drop on the AMD with Windows 11 KB5006746 (Build 22000.282) update after AMD released new drivers for their chipset.

Earlier AMD reported a performance drop after the original Windows 11 release. Certain applications were slower on AMD despite being fully compatible with the Microsoft requirements.

The L3 cache latency was a real culprit after the deep research by both AMD and Microsoft. All the AMD CPU cores were not able to utilize their resources to the maximum strength which hit the bulky games up to a 20% performance drop. Windows 11 KB5006746 update has addressed an L3 cache issue affecting the performance on devices AMD Ryzen CPUs.

The next major improvement includes the fixes for the users stuck on the old Windows 10 taskbar and Start Menu after the Windows 11 upgrade. Sometimes, Start Menu is used to give only blank and empty screens without apps and their icons.

windows 11 with old start menu taskbar

Further, many users have reported the slow Windows 11 performance on their devices with great specifications. There are many culprits behind the slow operating system such as Windows Update Processes, Delivery Optimization, Applications running in the background, Antimalware Service Executable, and more.

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Currently, Microsoft has addressed a few improvements with Windows 11 KB5006746 (Build 22000.282) Preview.

Windows 11 KB5006746 Fixes

  • Windows 11 KB5006746 update has fixed the slower performance of some applications after upgrading.
  • Fixed Xbox Game Bar and Cortana’s sound recording.
  • Low latency on Bluetooth Mice and Keyboard.
  • Changing file name in multiple File Explorer tabs in Japanese IME.
  • Internet Explorer 11 (IE) stops working when typing in certain IME.
  • Black lock screen background despite setting the slideshow.
  • Windows Update now shows the estimated time to install the updates.
  • The Microsoft Teams’ Chat icon in the taskbar has got a new design and animation.
  • Windows 11 Build 22000.282 will prevent users from the old Start Menu and Taskbar after upgrading.