Install Windows 11 (Home/Pro) without Microsoft Account & Internet

There is a lot of fuzz about Microsoft & Local accounts on the new Windows 11. The users are really frustrated with the policy to not allow Windows 11 Home installation without Microsoft Account and Internet. The same policy will soon be applied to the Windows 11 Pro editions.

Well, we have found an ultimate method to bypass the Microsoft Account and Internet requirements to install all the editions of Windows 11 including Home, Pro, N, Education, Enterprise, and Workstation.

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Install Windows 11 without Microsoft Account and Internet

The Windows 11 installation begins by booting your laptop or PC with an inserted USB drive. We have covered right from the first installation step to the new Start Menu screen so that you can pick from whichever familiar step you are stuck.

  1. Select your language, time & currency format, and Keyboard or input method to go to the Next Windows Setup screen.install windows 11 language time keyboard
  2. Click on the Install now button from the center of the Window.install now windows 11
  3. Enter the valid product key or tap on I don’t have a product key.i dont have a produt key windows 11
  4. Choose your desired Windows 11 edition from Home, Pro, N, and windows 11 edition home pro
  5. Select the second type of Custom: Install Windows only (advanced) option.
  6. custom install windows 11Pick an empty drive with more than 64 GB of drive to install windows 11
  7. Wait until Windows Setup completes all five steps of Copying Windows files, Getting files ready for Windows, Installing features, Installing updates, and Finishing 11 setup installing
  8. The next screen will take you to the Windows 11 setup to choose your Keyboard layout or input 11 install keyboard loayout
  9. Hold the Shift + F10 keys to launch the Command Prompt, as soon as you see the option to connect Windows 11 with the Internet, WiFi, or Microsoft Account.
    lets connect you to a network wifi windows 11
  10. Type and enter the taskmgr into the command prompt to launch the Task Manager.shift f10 cmd taskmgr
  11. Scroll down to find, select, and End the task of the Network Connection Flow process. You may hit on the End task option from the bottom-left corner or right-click menu.
    end task network connection flow
  12. Ending the Network Connection Flow task will avoid the Microsoft Account and Internet requirement for Windows 11 installation. Enter your name, username, password, and pin to the next prompts.enter your pc name
  13. Also, disable all the privacy settings to not share data with Microsoft.choose privacy settings
  14. Please be patient when Windows 11 is Getting things ready for you and don’t turn off your computer.
    getting things ready windows 11
  15. Windows 11 is successfully installed without Microsoft Account and Internet when you see the new Start Menu on the 11 start menu

So that’s an ultimate method to skip Microsoft Account and Internet on Windows 11 Home and Pro editions.

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