How much does NetFlix Cost per month in 2022? (Latest Updated)

NetFlix Cost: Hey Guys! Welcome to EasyWebFixes! Today we are going to discuss everything about NetFlix Cost of different Netflix Plans, Which Netflix Plan you must subscribe and WHY? Apart from all Netflix features we just need to pay for how much we watch on Netflix. Obviously, apart from you some other family members would also enjoy Netflix separately on their device or some must have siblings who would also enjoy Netflix Movies. It becomes a bit confusing that Which Netflix Plan to subscribe and Why? To help you out, we will give you a brief info about each Netflix Plan and How much does Netflix Cost for that plan. Also checkout this 30 best movie download sites, if you don’t want to waste money on Netflix.

how much does netflix cost

First, we will give the one main chart about All Netflix Plan Cost and then we will describe briefly about each plan of Netflix which will help you decide which Netflix Plan is better to subscribe as per your requirements. Apart from such great features, Netflix Free Trial is also available for a month. Click on below button read about How to activate Netflix Free Trial:

Activate Netflix Free Trial

Read More About, What is Netflix?

Netflix is one of the most famous and most popular online movie streaming services. Including movies, Netflix consists of all visual entertainment services. Netflix also consists of web series and TV Shows such as Game of Thrones and all. Checkout this PutLocker Proxy Sites such as PutLocker.SK to stream movies for absolutely free just you need to bear few popup ads.

Netflix is available for all platforms like Smart TV, Tablet, Android, iPhones, iPad and for almost every internet ready device. Due to the portability of Netflix on all platforms, Netflix had spread worldwide with the love of 75 Million+ subscribers all over the world.

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Netflix charges as per different plans and different plans are available as per different user requirements. We are also going to discuss which is most famous Netflix plan and which Netflix Plan is suitable for you as per your requirements. So keep reading to know all about Netflix Cost.

How Much Does Netflix Cost?

We are going to discuss different Netflix Plans cost per month. One month free trial is also available on Netflix. Netflix provides three different plans as below:

  1. Netflix Basic
  2. Netflix Standard
  3. Netflix Premium

Higher Netflix Plan consists of advanced features and it will cost you more. You must choose Netflix Plan as per your requirements, as per the number of users in your house and on the basis of a number of devices in your house.

Note: Netflix Cost in dollars is only applicable for the US but features of all plans such as Basic, Standard, and Premium is same in all countries. After discussing all features of different Netflix Plans and which Netflix Plan you must choose we had also given charts and written about Netflix Cost in all countries such as UK, India, and Australia.

Netflix Monthly Cost

The chart below will give you most about costs of every plan of Netflix. But I have also written in detail about each and every Netflix plan which you must read before applying for any Netflix Plan.

How much is Netflix?

Netflix charges $7.99, $9.99 and $11.99 respectively for Basic, Standard and Premium Plans. Basic Plan will include 1 Screen, Standard Plan will include 2 HD Screens and Premium Plan will include 4 Ultra HD Screens.

Before going to plans let me explain you about Netflix Free Trial for one month. Before you are charged for any Netflix plan you will get a free trial of Netflix of that plan for a month. So, you can analyze whether that Netflix plan is suitable for you or not. This is best of Netflix, and Netflix won’t charge you anything for one whole month including you can also cancel free trial of Netflix at any time without any charge.

Click on below button read about How to activate Netflix Free Trial:

Activate Netflix Free Trial

Netflix Cost for Basic Plan

Every Netflix Plan varies as per different features like HD Video Quality, Ultra HD Video Quality, Number of Screens at the same time, On What Devices you can use your Netflix account, Unlimited Movies, and TV Shows, Cancel Anytime and Free Trial. Do you know that you can download unlimited Torentz Movies using Zbiz Premium Account at unlimited speed.


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Netflix Cost for this plan is just $7.99 per month. Which will include one Screen, you can watch Netflix on any device, Unlimited Movies, and TV shows and you can cancel the subscription anytime. As I said earlier Netflix Free Trial comes with each and every Netflix Plan.

Cost of Netflix

netflix monthly cost

One Screen means, at a time you can watch videos on Netflix through one device only. Simultaneously you can’t watch movies on Netflix through more than one device. Suppose you have got your Laptop and you brother have got a tab, now on Netflix Basic Plan subscription you and your brother can’t watch movies at the same time.

Netflix Cost for Standard Plan

Netflix Cost of Standard plan is $9.99 per month. The price of Standard will obviously be higher than Netflix Basic Plan. Here Netflix Cost is higher due to two main extra features. First one is the number of the simultaneous devices through which you can watch movies or TV shows on Netflix and another is the availability of HD quality of videos. Netflix Standard Plan will include all features available on Netflix Basic Plan that is you can watch Netflix on any device, Unlimited Movies, and TV shows and you can cancel the subscription anytime. As I said earlier Netflix Free Trial also come with Netflix Standard Plan.

netflix cost per month

Netflix Standard plan is most recommended because here you will get 2 extra golden features such as you and your brother can simultaneously watch different movies on two different device and HD qualities of all videos will also be available. Here though Netflix cost is higher but it is worth paying $9.99 than $7.99 for two most needed features.

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Netflix Cost for Premium Plan

If all your family members love watching Netflix then this Netflix Premium Plan is for you. Netflix Cost for Premium plan is only $11.99 per month. Though you need to pay extra $2 if you go for Netflix Premium then Netflix Standard but here 4 family members can watch movies at the same time from different devices. Netflix Premium also includes Ultra HD qualities of Movies and TV Shows. Netflix Premium also includes Unlimited Movies, TV Shows, Cancellation of Subscription Anytime and one month Netflix Free cost

Netflix Basic Plan Price Comparison Worldwide (In USD: $):

How much does Netflix Cost in UK?

Netflix Cost in UK is counted in Pounds. As in US, Netflix charges as per 3 different plans in UK. Netflix cost in UK per month of three plans namely Basic, Standard and Premium is as follow:

Plan Price Per Month
Basic £6.99 Per Month
Standard £7.49 Per Month
Premium £8.99 Per Month

*Features of different plans will same in all countries

Netflix Cost in Australia

Netflix Cost in Australia is counted in Australian Dollars. All Netflix plans are also same in Australia and all plan will have same features as in all countries. Netflix cost in Australia per month of three plans namely Basic, Standard and Premium is as follow:

Plan Price Per Month
Basic A$8.99 Per Month
Standard A$11.99 Per Month
Premium A$14.99 Per Month

Netflix Cost in India

Netflix Cost in India is counted in INR. There are three Netflix plans available in India, namely Basic, Standard and Premium. Features of all plans will be same as I described it earlier. Netflix cost in India per month of three plans namely Basic, Standard and Premium is as follow:

Plan Price Per Month
Basic Rs. 500 Per Month
Standard Rs. 650 Per Month
Premium Rs. 800 Per Month


Main content of the Post was:

So this was all about Netflix Cost and all available Netflix plans. You can go for one as for your Netflix Budget and as per your requirements. If you are only one who wants to enjoy Netflix then go for Netflix Basic, if you have got your siblings then you must go for Netflix standard and if you have got joint family then Netflix Premium is most recommended for you. For Smart TV, Netflix Premium is recommended due to Ultra HD quality of videos.

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