How to activate NETFLIX FREE TRIAL for a ONE Month?

Hey Guys, Welcome to EasyWebFixes! In this article, we are going to discuss everything about Netflix Free Trial. Netflix provides paid service to watch Movies, TV Shows, Live Shows and all Reality Shows online from your Mobile Phone, Tablet, Laptop, Computer or Smart TV. The best part about Netflix is you can enjoy your favorite show or movie at any time and from anywhere. Almost all quality of videos are available on Netflix so that you can enjoy all TV shows in High HD Quality or if you have got some weak internet connection then also you can watch videos on Netflix. Apart from Netflix you also try this free movie download sites such as PutLocker Proxy Sites and PutLocker free trial

Apart from such great features of Netflix, Netflix has also got choices for the selection of different plans. You can select the plan as per your requirements, Netflix Cost would be different for different plans. Obviously, everyone has got a different taste and hence everyone would use Netflix in a different way. So if you are only one to enjoy Netflix in your family then you need to pay less and if everyone is fond of watching Netflix then everyone doesn’t need to subscribe Netflix individually, Netflix has got highly discounted plan for them. Apart from these many choices of different plans to choose, Netflix also provides Netflix Free Trial for a month. So that you can select which Netflix Subscription suits you best and you can also cancel Netflix Free Trial anytime. That’s Great! Isn’t it?

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If you are fond of listening to music then you must read this list of 25 best android apps to Download Free Mp3 Music and if you are fond of watching Movies and TV Shows then you must try Netflix Free Trial for a month. Netflix won’t charge anything to activate this trial, this is just a bonus from a Netflix for you to decide whether Netflix would be a Good Decision for you or Not? You can also cancel Netflix Free Trial at the last hour of the 30th day of a monthly subscription. Now let’s jump on our main discussion, that is How to activate Netflix Free Trial for a Month?

Activate Netflix Free Trial

Follow below settings to activate Netflix Free Trial for a month:

  1. Click Here to visit Netflix Site.
  2. And then click on a Join Free for a Month trial
  3. Now select a Plan to Subscribe.
    • Don’t worry you do not need to pay anything for the first month as Netflix Free Trial would be activated on your Netflix Account.
    • Different Netflix Plans comes with different features hence if you don’t know which Netflix Plan to subscribe then read below article:
    • Which Netflix Plan You Must Subscribe? & WHY?free netflix trial

  4. Now enter your email and your desired password for Netflix free trial without credit card
  5. Now enter payment details to prove you are a genuine user.
    • Don’t worry you won’t be charged for a month.
    • You can cancel Netflix Free Trial anytime.
    • You can also cancel Netflix Free Trial at the last hour of the 30th day of your monthly free trial 3 months

That’s It! Once you enter your correct payment details then Netflix Free Trial will be automatically activated on your trial netflixYou can cancel Netflix Free Trial anytime and you won’t be charged anything. You will be charged if you carry on with Netflix for the next month. So this was all about How to activate Netflix Free Trial for a month? If you have got any query then I would be glad to answer that in a comment section below.

2 thoughts on “How to activate NETFLIX FREE TRIAL for a ONE Month?”

  1. Hello.
    Thank you for taking my questions.
    Firstly. I do not have a Smart TV. and second I have Foxtel via Telstra.
    1) do I require a phone line. This I had cancelled as I use only my mobile phone.
    2) when you say a price for two screens ( TV on my part ) Is this referring to two screens in the same house.
    I do have a holiday home apart from my main residence both in WA.
    Thank you and regards…Alan.

  2. No, by two screens, Netflix means that two person can simultaneously watch movies and tv shows from same Netflix account
    And you need to Google for the first question, because I have no experience of what you are saying

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