How to Hack a Facebook Account?

How to hack a facebook account is a question rather asked by almost everyone that’s today on Facebook for the purpose of spying on their spouse to causing a nuisance. Hacking Facebook is a dream come true, whether you are a normal college going person or an aspiring hacker.hack facebook

Due to so many frequent changes and security updates that faFacebookeeps rolling out, getting into its system is virtually impossible. But as they say, nothing is impenetrable, even if that thing is as good as facebook. We will be covering a few key aspects of hacking the facebook strictly and solely for knowledge purposes. Using them in a way that violates the law is prohibited.

Major two ways which are used in gaining access to someone else facebook account are using Kali Linux, using facebook password sniper. Other than that we will also be covering how to hack facebook inbox and hacking facebook games as well.

Hack Facebook using Kali Linux

Kali Linux is a favorite amongst many coders, penetration testers, and hackers. Using Kali Linux for purposes related to this gives us an edge though it’s not magic and you still gotta learn some skills and put some efforts in it.

Even by Kali Linux, we will be covering a few different methods which can be used to gain access to facebook account.                         

Phishing Attack

A phishing attack is one of the most common methods used nowadays, as you might be thinking of the name, it is like fishing only in some ways. This method involves luring and duping user of the account into giving us login credentials.

You can refer to a Facebook Desktop Phishing Attach from below image.

facebook phising

A phishing attack can be done via many methods, we will be teaching you how to do so via the use of two tools Weeman & NgrokFirst, you gotta download them both from the links given below.
Weeman | Ngrok

After downloading Ngrok, you must extract it.
Open a terminal and run weeman using these

cd weeman
chmod +x

Alongside open another terminal and run ngrok

./ngrok http 8080

Now head over to the weeman terminal and type these

set url
set action_url 01235xx_ngrok_io
set port 8080

Now you can send the generated link to the victim and wait till they open it and use to enter their login credentials. Watch this video below for a more detailed step by step tutorial.

Brute Force Attack

Brute force mechanism is one of the oldest tricks in the book that’s used to verify information such as a password or other things which can be guessed correctly by multiple numbers of attempts, a software is used to correctly guess the desired combination by trying consecutively all the combinations possible.

Here for our purpose, we will be using python script and a word combination list.

You will be needing a few things for this mainly a kali machine or any other python engine,, and crackstation word list along with a facebook id.

Afterward, follow the below steps to initialize and execute the attack.

Install python-mechanize using this command

[*] root@root:~#apt-get install python-mechanize

Further, add using this

[*] root@root~# chmod +x [*] root@root:~# python

All you need to do now is first provide whatever profile specific details that you have of the profile that you want to hack such as email, phone number, profile id number, username etc. And then input the path to your crack station wordlist

Depending on your processor and other resources, it is gonna take a while as it will try all possible combinations one by one which can be in millions, so sit back and relax while it does your work for you.

Other than that you can also make use of social engineering toolkit in Kali Linux which is more like a swiss knife. But that’s a bit more advanced stuff and we will be covering it in another post.

Hack Facebook using Facebook password sniper

Facebook password sniper is a tool that is used for the purpose of hacking by newbies or people with little or no technical knowledge. There are many such tools and you can find them available for download at many places online. Due to lots of issues concerning it, developers converted the tool into a website based method.

  1. You need to copy the address URL your victim’s Facebook profile by visiting it and then copying the address from the address bar.
  2. After copying the address, go to the and input profile link in it.facebook password sniper
  3. Click on the start option and wait for a while.
  4. The tool will take some time while running the Rainbow method in the backend and generate the password.
  5. Once the process is done and password generated, it will ask for the verification code, this is the step where you have to pay a small price.

Once you select the desired offer and complete it, you will be given access to the password.

How to Hack Facebook Inbox?

More than often facebook hacking is often about spying on other people’s messages. What if we told you that there are ways that you can do so without having the need to hack someone facebook account and know their password or gain access to it without them knowing. Facebook is often the primary mode of communication for the teenagers of today. Being a concerned parent or an elder sibling, you may feel the need to keep a tab on your kid’s online activities and the interactions. Not to mention that it’s illegal and highly discouraged, we will be sharing some of the known tools and tactics to help you do so.

There are a couple of methods including tools and hacking databases which you can use to get access to someone facebook inbox or simply spy and monitor it. The most common preferred method is using via tools however they involve a subscription amount usually or a purchase fee, if you would rather not risk your money then you can go for database hacking. There is a third method as well but that’s limited to Android only and we will be covering it later in this article.

  • Using third-party tools & software
  • Hacking Facebook Messages via database (rooted)
  • Hack Facebook Messages via catch Facebook Notification (Android Specific)

Using third-party tools & software

There are many tools and online services that will promise you for a certain amount of fees, you can hack into any account you wish, read messages of any and do a lot more. Only a few of them deliver on what they promise and rest are just bogus counterfeit. We have done a very extensive research, compiled a list of tools to assist in your task.

  • TheTruthSpy
  • mSpy
  • iKeyMonitor
  • XNSpy


For hacking related purposes concerning Facebook, this tool is the most suitable one out there that is. It is a set of programs each developed to perform different tasks. It consists a facebook hacking tool as well which can help you in doing so via many ways.

  1. It can be used to hack someone’s facebook messenger.
  2. It serves as a tool to collect important details regarding someone’s Facebook account and collect their internet activities.
  3. It consists of some tools which can be used to block a particular link for someone as well as keep a tab on their browsing activities.

Other than facebook hacking, this tool also is used for many other purposes as well including spying on text messages, call tracking, call recordings, ambient voice recording, GPS tracking, chat monitoring, WhatsApp hacking.

You can get this tool for Android/iPhone via their respective links mentioned below.


This tool is used to spy on other people’s messages and trace their numbers. The main feature of this app is not just reading msgs, it let you do much more such as view all msg lists, friends lists, and other stuff in a friendly interface. Other than that you can also track their location, access their call logs and text messages inbox with this.


This app in addition to monitoring and spying let you recover the old deleted messages along with the option of installing a keylogger to get their data.


This is the ultimate spy tool, with over 150 stealth features perfect for spying purposes, you can track the activity of other people with the time and date stamps. The effort that company had put into this shows in its user-friendly interface and second to nothing services of the company.

Hacking Facebook Messages via database (rooted)

To do this, you will be needing following tools respectively for android and iPhone which both need to be either jailbroken or rooted. Then you will need to go to the path mentioned and copy the file and open it using the suitable viewer.

  1. For iPad/iPhone

database location: /var/mobile/Applications/[Folder Facebook App Installed]/Documents/

Name of file:

Tools Required:

If you are using iPhone/iPad then you need to first jailbreak your phone then proceed.

  1. For Android

Database location: /data/data/com.facebook.katana/databases/

Phone Contacts:

  • File : contacts_db2

Location for Messages/Conversation:

  • File Name: threads_db2

Tools Required:

  1. Facebook Database 

Hack Facebook Messages via catch Facebook Notification (Android Specific)

For this, you need to have some technical knowledge or need assistance from a developer. In this method, you can write an app to catch notifications for incoming messages. You can get the required code for it from the below link.

Hacking Facebook Games

With the user base of facebook increasing daily, games on Facebook are gaining popularity alongside too. As it is with any other game users, facebook game users also have a keen interested in bypassing inbuilt game safety rules and applying cheats for an added extra advantage in games.

The most common method to hack facebook games is by using a cheat engine. You can download the latest version of cheat engine from here.

In the below video, there are complete step by step instructions on as to how to use cheat engine to get unlimited coins, lives etc in any facebook game that you are fond of playing.

If for some reason, using cheat engine is not working for you then you can try the alternative method given below that does not involve the use of it and shows you how to hack facebook games such as candy crush, Farmville etc without the use of any third party software or program.

Other than above, you can also use Charles proxy and fiddler for the purpose of hacking facebook games and bypassing information.

You can download fiddler from here. Charles proxy is available online at For practical reasons, it is not possible to provide a detailed tutorial on their usage. You can although find detailed guides online related to them on official sources as well as several other blogs too.

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So, folks, that was it when it comes to putting hacking and facebook together. Do let us know if you have any other suggestion in the comments section.

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