Download BlueStacks 4 for Windows 10/8/7 & MAC – Latest Version

Download BlueStacks 4 because it is the latest and much improved BlueStacks version. BlueStacks is a wide emulator that helps Android users to play android games on their Windows and Mac PC. BlueStacks 4 is already downloaded by million of gamers as it brought some amazing features and great performance boost to the gaming world. To get you a view of what BlueStacks 4 offers, its makers claim that it is six times faster than any android flagship ever made.  BlueStacks 4 brought a lot of amazing features in the gaming world, let’s take a look at some of them below.

BlueStacks 4 System Requirements

You must have minimum PC configuration to download and install Bluestacks 4 on your device. The system requirements for BlueStacks 4 are an admin permission, a 2 GB RAMDirectX 9.0 or higher, updated graphics drivers for compatibility with the device, 4 GB disk storage for android games and apps and Intel or AMD processor.

Download BlueStacks 4

Download latest version of BlueStacks 4 for Windows and Mac. When comparing BlueStacks 4 with other emulators, we find out BlueStacks 4 is far better than them all. It contains over 1.5 million Android games and over 500,000 HTML5/ flash games while other emulators have nothing less than 5600 games. This shows that the BlueStacks 4 has the best downloadable gaming catalogue.

download bluestacks 4

The BlueStacks 4 is available and can be downloaded on PC, Macs, HTML5 and flash. While other emulator systems are just compatible with PC and Macs. You can multitask, unlike on other emulators which do not perform such functions. BlueStacks 4 can play, stream and watched on at the same time but other systems do not perform this function. Even you can use non-gaming apps which is quite amazing because one can use other android apps on the system.

Dowload BlueStacks 4

First you need to uninstall the previous version including Bluestacks 3/2 and then begin installing Bluestacks 4 by double clicking on Bluestacks 4 executable file.

BlueStacks 4 Major Features

BlueStacks improved Speed, Controls, UI and several other features to compel their users to download and get updated to the latest BlueStacks 4 on their system.

  • SPEED: BlueStacks 4 as said earlier on is six times faster than any gaming emulator and it is all eight times faster than BlueStacks 3. Due to its speed, you can play games without less lagging and stuttering. BlueStacks 4 aimed at making every gamer enjoy their game with less stuttering, and this is one of the essential quality everyone wants in a gaming system.
  • KEYBOARD MAPPING: Another essential features a gamer wants in a gaming system is keyboard mapping. BlueStacks 4 allows you to make a custom keyboard allowing you to play games with your own keyboard setup. You can make a keyboard setup for just per game and you can create custom spots on your screen while assigning specific keys. BlueStacks 4 also allows you to aim and shoot with your mouse. The keys control in BlueStacks 4 is divided into different categories for easy navigation. So download BlueStacks 4 now in order to perform best while gaming on your Windows 10/8/7 or PC.
  • MULTI-GAMING: BlueStacks 4 allows you to play different games from a different account at the same time. It also allows you to play the same game from multiple accounts. Due to this advantage, there is a great chance of unlocking great RPGs.
  • ENABLES OLDER APP VERSION: This version allows you to play an older game version which is not available on windows. If a plays a game on Windows 10 but there are some features in the older Android version, he can play the game using BlueStacks.
  • SLEEK INTERFACE: The BlueStacks 4 download has a lighter weight and is more powerful than previous versions. It also allows you to play mobile games without any pc rig.
  • MORE LANGUAGES: The BlueStacks 4 has more languages when compared to the previous versions that have been made before.
  • STREAMLINE UI: The other versions of BlueStacks were very difficult to operate but the latest version which is BlueStacks 4 has a very unique setup making easy to use.

BlueStacks 4 Vs Bluestacks 3/2

BlueStacks started eight years ago and over the years. Below are the upgrades that have been made from BlueStacks 2 to the latest BlueStacks 4 download.

  • ANDROID VERSION: BlueStacks 2 uses KitKat 4.4.2, this version is also used by BlueStacks 3 but the latest version BlueStacks 4 uses nougat 7.2.1 as its android version.
  • UI: The BlueStacks 2 do have multiple instances, while the BlueStacks 3 has multiple instances. But taking a look at the latest BlueStacks 4 download it has multiple instances, a quick search on the home screen, search based on intelligent, and docks for all default apps and other amazing features.
  • KEYMAPPING: In the case of key mapping, the BlueStacks 2 and 3 are quite similar being theatre they use the MOAB and shooting mode system while the BlueStacks 4 uses an AI-based game guidance, MOBA, aiming and shooting mode, zoom and customize key mapping.
  • SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: BlueStacks 2 and 3 require same system specs as Bluestacks 4 including Directx 9.0 or higher support and Graphics card.

So these were the number of improvements and features of BlueStacks 4 over other emulators, so you must download and upgrade to the latest version of BlueStacks 4 in order to enjoy lag free gaming and smooth android experience on your Windows and MAC.

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