Bloatware: What is Bloatware And How To Remove Bloatware From PC

Bloatware: What is Bloatware And How To Remove Bloatware From PC

Bloatware Remover

Bloatware are preloaded unnecessary software which comes installed with your new Laptop, PC, Computers. Bloatware are not dangerous but it occupy lot of unnecessary space in your PC and slow down your PC. There are many types of Bloatware which we are going to discuss in this post and also discuss a way how to remove Bloatware from your PC.

As far as computers or laptop without any surplus Bloatware are concern then they are considered 20% faster than computers with Bloatware. So now you can get the idea that how they affect our PC and decreases efficiency of our computers or laptops. Hence I considered this important concept of Bloatware to be discussed with you all Guys.

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Whenever we buy any new PC, Computers or Laptops then it comes with third party installed software. And that third party software are considered as Bloatware in our simple language. Have you ever wondered Why our New Laptops comes with Bloatware? Its simple mathematics, third party applications are an additional source of revenue for vendors. For example you bought PC at $500 + Vendor going to earn $25 more just by installing 2-3 Bloatware. This is for one Laptop, now assume extra revenue on 50 Laptops. Isn’t it great profitable deal for Sellers.

In this post I am going to discuss most common types of bloatware which we encounter daily and method to uninstall them completely from our PC. Its not easy to remove or uninstall Bloatware from PC. Desktop applications that have been preinstalled can be a lot harder to find, especially for less techie users, who may not even realize they have unwanted software until it activates and pops up on their screen.


Trialware is type of bloatware. Trialware is software that resides in your computer. The creator or the seller of the software that expects you to pay for it. Some trialware wants to be paid for once. Some trialware wants to be paid for a one year period and then it wants you to pay for it again. As your trial period nears the end of its time period, trialware software will nag you for payment with a credit card. This nagging will waste your valuable time. Most trialware slows down your computer because of various processes that it runs in the background. Other software in your computer might be free but if you do not need it, you can call it unneeded software. Unneeded software slows down your computer, even if it is free. Trialware can be easily uninstalled from PC.

Most Common Trialware are PC Antivirus software such McAfee or Norton. 

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Utility Software:

Utility softwares are basic program softwares. Like Windows Movie Editor, Word Pad, or Some Drive Updater etc. Vendors specially preinstalled bunch of utility software in PC. But the thing is they occupy extra space in our PC because features of utility software already comes along with operating system. Hence sometime utility software are useless and just the trash that occupy unwanted storage space in our PC and slow down our PC.


Adware is a term used to describe a program that displays intrusive ads and is considered privacy invasive. Adware Symptoms: Slow web browser performance, annoying ads (searches, banners, text links, transitional, interstitial, and full page advertisements), browser redirects. Though it doesn’t occupy much space of our storage but it do interrupt us in between and its too annoying.

About Famous Bloatware – Superfish:

Several months ago, the Superfish Bloatware program was preinstalled on some Lenovo laptops which also created a serious security threats. Superfish is an advertising company that develops various advertising-supported software products based on a visual search engine. The company is based in Palo Alto, California, and was founded in Israel in 2006. Its software has been described as malware or adware by several sources. The software was bundled with various applications as early as 2010, and Lenovo began to bundle the software with some of its computers in September 2014. On February 20, 2015, the United States Department of Homeland Security advised uninstalling it and its associated root certificate, because they make computers vulnerable to serious cyberattacks , including interception of passwords and sensitive data being transmitted through browsers.

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Why Its Bit Difficult To Remove Bloatware:

So now you are aware of bloatware and what problems it causes in our PC or Laptop. All the way it gives profit to Bloatware sponsored and to manufactures of PC and Laptops. And hence they make it extremely difficult to remove Bloatware from our PC or Laptop. But it also created some opportunities for software developers to develop bloatware removers. Hence very simple Bloatware Removers through which we can easily remove Bloatware from Our PC or Laptop.

 Bloatware Remover – How to Uninstall Bloatware?

As we already discussed its not easy to remove bloatware from PC or Laptop. Bloatware sponsored or manufacture of PC or Laptop make it extremely difficult to remove Bloatware from our PC or Laptop. So you simply cant uninstall them. Basically bloatware are installed in root folders of operating system with full administrative permissions hence they gain full access on our PC. But some developer have really worked bit hard and have made it all possible to remove any kind of bloatware from our PC. In this we are going to discuss powerful tool of bloatware remover namely PC Decrapifier.

Bloatware Remover – PC Decrapifier:

PC Decrepifier first scans all installed software on our system then separate bloatware from that list. PC Devrapifier just runs on single executable file, hence no need to install it on your PC you can even run it from USB drive or pendrive.

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