How to Fix Unfortunately Google App has stopped

3 Easy Solution to Fix Unfortunately Google App Has Stopped

This days Google App is like best assistant for all of us, anything we need we just rush to Google and we get the solution. You are searching most important thing on Google App and suddenly popup appears Unfortunately Google App Has Stopped or Unfortunately Google Search Has Stopped and we just need to stop in the middle. Its too annoying and we are most helpless at that moment because our solution weapon is in injured condition. But no worries from now because we are going to give you some best solution which will solve your problem easily if you face error like Unfortunately Google Search Has Stopped not on Google App only but on any other app. We have also got easy solution to errors such as Screen Overlay Detected, Google Play Services Stopped Working and many android error solutions.

There may be several reasons behind Google App Has Stopped. May be Google App you are using is outdated now or may be there is some problem in Google Play Services app. Or it may be due to no more space in your device or it may be anything else. But we have got this 3 solutions to apply, out of which one will most probably solve this error.

If you faced this error in any app then also this 3 solutions will solve your error.

Fix Unfortunately Google App Has Stopped:

(Fix Unfortunately Google Search Has Stopped)

Solution 1:

Update Google App To Latest Versions

There may be several reasons behind Unfortunately Google App Has Stopped and one may be old or outdated version of Google App installed in your android. So you must update Google App to latest versions to tackle this issue.

How To Update Google Play Services To Latest Version:

If you have kept auto update on in play store then Google App must be automatically updated to latest version. But due to low connectivity it may not be updated to latest version. You can update Google App to latest version from below link.

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