How to use PS5 Controller on PS4 Console? – EasyWebFixes

Swapping one tool for the other or finding multiple uses on one gadget excites us. Who does not want their gadgets to have multi-functions and adaptability to multiple devices? Similarly, you may have also wondered once or twice if using your PS5 controller on your PS4 console is possible. You might think it is impossible …

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How to Stream on Discord from PS4 and Xbox One?

Well, in this boring world the Games have made life interesting. People play games, not for only enjoyment. By playing Games they are making their own money. Many users don’t know how to make money playing games? If you are one of them then your answer is here, “To make money you have to stream …

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How to Boot PS5 in Safe Mode or Get out If you are Stuck?

A lot of users have been facing problems lately with downloading games on their PS5 and can see “queued for download” and the status does not change even after a long time. According to the official staff of PS5, the fix is to start the PS5 in safe mode after the version update. Whether you …

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