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Well, the Xbox Game Bar is an inbuilt tool since Windows 10 OS. Now it is also added to Windows 11 OS. To record videos and to take screenshots of the game a user has to download and install great third-party software on Windows 10/11 before the release of Xbox Game Bar. This tool has replaced third-party software such as ScreenRec, Snagit, ShareX, Greenshot, etc. Now users don’t have to download and install tools because the Xbox Game bar comes already installed on Windows 10 and 11.

Using Xbox Game Bar the best thing you can do is to create and share video games clips as you were doing on real Xbox. You can not only record and share games clips but you can also record and share recordings of different apps such as Zoom, Youtube, etc. Adding to it, you can add your own voice, track CPU, and GPU performance, and chit-chat with your friends using Xbox Game Bar social widget. As I have said before that it was first seen on Windows 10 and now in Windows 11 with improvement in its performance and usability.

How to use Xbox Game Bar

Many gamers yet don’t know “How to use Xbox Game Bar on Windows 10/11?”. If you are one of them then this guide will help you in making use of Xbox Game Bar on Windows OS. The thing is you have to read this article till the end.

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Enable Xbox Game Bar on Windows 10/11

For further use, at first, you have to know how to launch it.┬áThere are many ways to launch Xbox Game Bar on Windows 10 and 11 but the easiest way is by using a shortcut key (Windows + G key). But what if you have an Xbox controller connected to your computer. In this situation, you can launch Xbox Game Bar by using the Xbox button from the controller. You just have to press it to launch Game Bar. If this won’t work then it means that you have to enable Xbox Game Bar in order to use a Home key of the Controller. You can enable it using Settings. If you don’t know then follow the following steps properly.

  1. Launch Windows Settings screen holding Windows key and I key.
  2. From the left menu tap on the Gaming tab and then hit on Xbox Game Bar from the right side.
  3. Now enable the toggle which says “Open Xbox Game Bar using this button”.Enable Xbox Game Bar on Windows 11

After this, you can hold the Xbox button to launch Xbox Game Bar on Windows 10 and 11. So, this is how you can launch Xbox Game Bar.

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Record Screen using Xbox Game Bar on Windows 10/11

As I said before that the main function of the Xbox Game Bar is to record the screen whether it is a game screen or other application screen. Here in this guide, you will learn “How to record screen using Xbox Game Bar on Windows OS?”. Now read the below steps and make sure you apply the exact steps as given below.

  1. First of all launch Xbox Game Bar overlay by pressing Windows key + G key. It consists of multiple widgets. It’s each widget has one separate and special function.
  2. On the top middle of the screen, you will have Game Bar. It is the most important overlay of the Xbox Game Bar because from it you can add and remove a widget and launch Settings by clicking on the gear icon.
  3. Now to commence recording go on the Capture widget and hit on Start recording button. You can also hold Windows + Alt + R key for starting recording.Start Recording
  4. After this, you will have a new widget on the screen named Capture Status. It will show you the length of your recording. It will remain on your screen even when you exit the Xbox Game Bar.Capture status
  5. Now to end recording hit on a blue circle from the Capture Status widget. You can also use shortcut keys like Windows + Alt + R key to end recording.
  6. After recording you will have a message saying “Game clip recorded” on the screen. It means that you have recorded content successfully.Clip is ready
  7. In order to see the clip navigate to the path as This PC > Videos > Captures.recorded clips

So, likewise, you can record clips of games and applications, and then you can also share them in your contact on various social sites.

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Play with Audio Settings on Xbox Game Bar

On Xbox Game Bar you can play with your audio settings for recording. You can add your own voice, game voice, system voice, and you can also disable all voices.

  1. At a first tap on the gear icon from the top Game Bar.
  2. After this from the left pane tap on the Capturing option.
  3. Now go on to the Audio To Record section. Here you will see three options named Game which consists of Game + enabled mic, All which consists of Game, enabled mic, apps, system, and None which will disable all audio recordings.
  4. Do tick on your needed option for changes.Play with audio settings on Xbox Game Bar

So, this is how you can change Xbox Game Bar audio settings on Windows 11 or 10.

Manage and See Performance of your Windows OS While Playing Game

Managing and seeing the performance of your Windows OS while playing games was impossible when there was an old OS such as Windows 7. In Windows 11 and 10 Xbox Game Bar has been changed a lot.

To have a detail of performance there is a separate widget named Performance. If you open this widget then you will see the performance of your Windows OS. It will show you performance in percentage as well as in the graph. You will have a list showing CPU, GPU, VRAM, RAM, and FPS (Frames Per Second). After getting this information you can improve your Windows OS performance by adjusting game graphics quality.

Performance Widget

Using the Resources widget you can manage the performance of your Windows OS while playing games. There were days when you have to leave the game to close apps and processes in order to increase performance. In the resources widget now you can see which apps and processes are affecting game performance and you can also remove it from there.

Resources Widget

Enjoy Music and be Social While Playing Game on Xbox Game Bar

On Xbox Game Bar you can enjoy music and can be social while playing games. For music, there is a separate Spotify widget on Xbox Game Bar. Now you don’t need to leave your game to enjoy music. You can have your favorite song on the gaming platform.

Spotify widget

To be social there are a total of three widgets on the Xbox Game Bar. The first is Xbox Social, the second is Xbox Achievements, and the third is Looking for Group. If you want to talk with your gamer friends who are using Windows 11/10 or Xbox consoles then the Xbox Social widget will be handy for you. The second widget that is Xbox Achievements is for showing the reward of your game task completion. The reward is given by developers. The last widget is for finding users who are interested to join the group for chatting. This widget makes people be more social with strangers.

Xbox Social

I hope that after reading this blog you are able to “Use Xbox Game Bar on Windows 11 and 10”.

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