Windows 11 gets new Notepad with dark mode and more features

Microsoft has finally updated its legacy Notepad app with a few noticeable changes and features. Windows 11 has brought a new design overhaul to all the existing apps on the operating system. The design of the new Notepad and Paint apps matches with whole system UI.

The foremost look of the new Notepad app with rounded corners and Mica align with all the Windows 11 elements. The non-fullscreen opened app resembles a beautiful outward-shadow around the corners. The title bar with a cool new icon, file name, minimize, maximize, and close buttons look familiar with modern apps. The right-click contextual menu and the top bar menu with File, Edit, and View options have also been updated to more visible items.

notepad with right click menu

The new Notepad app will also match with the default system theme. The dark mode theme was the most requested feature by the fellow community members. The Notepad will automatically adapt the dark mode theme along with the System. The light mode has also improved with a few light-grey shades.

windows 11 new notepad with dark mode

The new Notepad also gets new Settings controls on the top-right corner for editing the documents. The user may select the appropriate fonts family, style, and size along with a preview. The default Notepad theme can also be changed from the settings.

notepad settings

The find-and-replace tool of Notepad text editor also gets updated to the efficient utility. The find-and-replace shortcut has been merged to be accessible with one Ctrl + F combination. It also supports multiple undo-redo actions with Ctrl + Z and Ctrl + Y shortcuts. The user can also add colorful emojis with Windows + . (period).

notepad find and replace and emojis

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How to get a new Notepad app on Windows 11?

The new Notepad and Media Player app got published on 15 February 2022 to all the users on Windows 11. The users have to download and install all the latest Windows 11 updates to get the updated Notepad app from the Microsoft Store. Go to Settings > Windows Update > Check for updates to download and install all the available system updates on Windows 11.

check for updates

Then open the Start Menu Search by pressing Windows + S keys to type and launch the Microsoft Store. Wait until Microsoft Store finishes loading to head to the Library from the bottom-left corner. Check for updates to download and install new versions of Notepad, Media Player, and more apps.

microsoft store get updates library

Now, launch the new Notepad app from the Start Menu.

start menu notepad

That’s it, you have successfully updated the Media Player, Paint, Tips, and Your Phone apps along with Notepad on Windows 11.

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