Windows 11 Required Disk Partition Type – GPT or MBR

Microsoft released Windows 11 with very specific requirements of UEFI Mode, Secure Boot, and TPM 2.0 chip support but nowhere mentioned the required Disk Partition Type from the MBR or GPT. Anyway, UEFI Mode is only supported on the GPT partitions but the UEFI mode requirement can be easily bypassed to install Windows 11 so again it creates confusion between GPT and MBR for Windows 11.

The MBR and GPT are the two disk partition types to store the data on the HDD and SSD. The MBR stands for Master Boot Record, it’s an old partition type that supports up to 2 TB of drives and 4 partitions within one single drive. Whereas, GPT stands for GUID Partition Table and supports a modern UEFI mode with infinite partitions on the single drive.

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We will answer all your queries between GPT and MBR for Windows 11. Which partition type is required from GPT and MBR to install Windows 11? How to convert one partition type to another without losing data? How to fix GPT not detected for Windows 11?

Windows 11: GPT or MBR

Choosing between GPT or MBR Disk Partition Type is an old query from the Windows 10 installations and hence will raise questions during Windows 11 installation. We as users mostly apply the quick solution without thinking much about the better or recommended solution.

Earlier with Windows 10 if we used to get an MBR error then we would simply recreate a USB for MBR partition to resolve the error. Well, it’s not the same case this time, Microsoft has strictly asked for the GPT disk partition for Windows 11 and there are appropriate reasons behind the requirement.

Firstly, Windows 11 requires the UEFI Mode with Secure Boot enabled from the settings. The UEFI mode only supports the GPT partition type. The UEFI and GPT both will make the startup boot faster than typical BIOS with MBR. Further GPT will support more than 2 TB of disk drives with unlimited partitions.

Anyway, you will get methods to bypass both UEFI and GPT to install Windows 11 but it will simply downgrade your PC. So if your disk partition type is MBR then convert it to GPT by following the next topic.

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Convert MBR to GPT Disk Partition

Earlier converting MBR to GPT Disk Partition was a lengthy process. It required formatting a disk, then attaching a disk to other PC for the conversion, and also used to take some time for the conversion. Backup used to give an extra headache of arranging an extra storage disk, then cloning its data and again moving back after the conversion. You must have got the point but now its an easy few step process without formatting or backing the data. All kudo to the Microsoft Developers for the MBR2GPT tool.

The MBR2GPT tool can be accessed from the Windows 10 Recovery Environment. Follow along to convert from MBR to GPT disk type.

First of all, check the current disk partition type on Windows 10. Launch the Start Menu and search for Create and format hard disk partitions. Right click on your System Disk to open its Properties, it might be Disk 0, 1, or 2. Go to the Volumes tab to check for Partition style, it will display MBR or GPT.

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If your Windows 10 Disk Partition style is MBR then its time to convert it to the GPT to support Windows 11.

Launch the Start Menu, tap on the power button hold the Shift key and Restart to boot Windows Recovery Environment.


Now follow the path as Troubleshoot > Advanced options > Command Prompt. First, validate the conversion by enter mbr2gpt /validate command then enter mbr2gpt /convert to apply the conversion.

mbr to gpt

Now make sure to change the BIOS Mode to the UEFI from the BIOS settings. Type exit to quit the command prompt and shut down your PC. Then boot into the BIOS Settings by continuously tapping on the BIOS key from F10, F2, F11, or Delete. Navigate to the Boot, Security, or Advanced BIOS tabs to change the BIOS mode to the UEFI from Legacy BIOS and enable the Secure Boot option.


Windows 11 requires GPT partition with UEFI and Secure Boot options.

GPT Not Detected Windows 11

Windows Setup or Upgrade might give an error of GPT not detected for Windows 11. There are two possible solution to fix Windows 11 GPT error. First we already disclosed in the previous topic to convert your current disk to the GPT and another one is to again create Windows 11 Bootable USB for GPT partition.

RUFUS is the best option to create Windows 11 bootable USB from Windows 11 ISO file. Some tool do not give an option to create Bootable USB for GPT partition whereas RUFUS allow to choose from both GPT or MBR partition scheme.

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