Windows 11 Cumulative Update (22000.65) (KB5004745)

Microsoft released the Cumulative Update for Windows 11 (10.0.22000.65) (KB5004745) on 8th July 2021 to the Dev Chanel Insiders. It came up with a lot of improvements and fixes based on the feedback from the first preview users.

Tens of thousands of PC users have already started moving to the Windows 11 Preview to help Microsoft to improve the Windows 11 experience and soon make a stable release to the public.

Also, the latest Windows 11 Build 22000.120 is already out, check out its details.

Let’s look at the Features and Improvements of the Windows 11 22000.65 build.

Features and Improvements

  1. The search box appeared in the Start Menu to find your app, file, or web information.
  2. Multiple monitors will show a Taskbar which can be enabled from the Taskbar Settings in the Personalization.
  3. Access the control panel power mode from Settings Power & battery page.
  4. A refresh button is available on the desktop.refresh windows 11 desktop
  5. The smaller screen will get its customized snap layout.
  6. A new snap view with three apps stacked on top of each other.
  7. New Gifs are available by accessing Windows + . shortcut.

Fix: This PC can’t run Windows 11 – tpm 2.0, secure boot, etc


A new search box is displayed on the top of the Start Menu. Windows 11 updates search now works properly and takes you to the specific settings page. All Apps icons appear in place of a dark grey box with their names. Recent searches are properly configured when hovering the mouse over its icon in the taskbar.

windows 11 start menu with search


The Action center with WiFi, Speaker, Battery, Time, and Date first appeared upward then it adjusted itself with time. Show desktop button also now appeared on the edge. Date and time available in a new format. Preview Windows is fixed when viewing from the Task view and when accessing Previews pressing Windows + T. Taskbar issues fixed when orienting desktop to landscape and portrait mode.


Setting app got many fixes in this Windows 11 Cumulative Update when launching through taskbar or start menu. Quick settings fixed and improved when accessing from the edge of the taskbar. Lock Screen and Facial recognition settings fixed with an unexpected check box. Advanced Settings link to Windows Update page was added to the page. Other Settings and bugs were fixed.

File Explorer

Dark mode looks great with the Windows 11 (10.0.22000.65) KB5004745 File Explorer. All the new files, desktop, downloads, videos, pictures, music, and documents icons displays in their full resolutions. Create a new folder on the desktop and other locations also work smoothly without interruptions. File search also works best from any directory without downgrading other performances. Explorer stopped from keeping crashing loop with multiple input methods.

dark mode on file explorer windows 11


Screen readers also narrate the stories and recent news from the widget. All the widgets are properly able to resize themselves according to users’ choices. The Widget text and scaling appear proportionally to users’ settings.


Fixed the 0xc0000005 unexpected error with Windows 11 Safe Mode, win32kfull bug check with full-screen window, incorrect parameter error with Windows Terminal, blurry windows with ALT + TAB shortcut, switching input methods on Windows + Space shortcut, voice typing, and New snip in X seconds with Snip & Sketch.

Bugs and Errors with Windows 11 Cumulative Update 22000.65

  • The search might not in the Start menu.
  • Taskbar keeps flickering when making major changes in Settings.
  • Apps launching on dragging their icons in the Taskbar.
  • Settings may not work.
  • Accessibility settings not saving.
  • Explorer.exe keeps crashing.
  • Context menu not appearing with all options.
  • Microsoft Store Install button not responsive for some apps.
  • Ratings and reviews are not appearing for some apps.
  • Standard hardware security is not supported.
  • Automatic sample submissions are turned off in Windows Security.
  • Widgets become unresponsive without content.
  • Apps not launching when clicking on a Widget.

So that’s all come up with the new Windows 11 Cumulative Update. It has fixed many bugs for the major users to improve our experience on PC.

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