Windows 11 Update – Build 22000.71 (KB5004252)

Microsoft released the third update to Windows 11 with Build 22000.71 (KB5004252). This update is available to Windows Insiders on Dev Channel. It appears as Windows 11 Insider Preview 10.0.22000.71 (co_release) for Windows 10 users and  Cumulative Update for Windows 11 (10.0.22000.71) (KB5004252) for existing Windows 11 users.

Let’s see the changelog, features, improvements, and issues with this update for both new and existing users. Later also refer to the tutorial on Windows 11 ISO setup with 22000.71 build update on PC.

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Context Menu

New improvements with beautiful acrylic design in the context menu look stunning. The acrylic design adjusts as per the background to match the native environment. Earlier context menu use to white or black as per the color scheme but along with the modern rounded corners of Windows 11, it will also vary according to the background. You can check out the desktop context menu by right-clicking on the desktop.

context menu windows 11

Widgets Addons

Microsoft added a new entertainment widget to What to watch next movie or series from Microsoft Store. Microsoft wants to boost an entertainment section in the store and what could be easier than Widget. It will also improve the Widget section with really good and attractive movies pictures. Of course, it can be removed or moved to your desired position. As of now, the movies widget is live for the US, UK, Australia, Canada, France, and Japan.

widget with entertainment

Faster sync to the Calendar, To-do list, and Outlook mail widgets. All the added widgets are immediately visible on the board. It doesn’t take longer to load the data of widgets. Dark and light modes are also adapted by some widgets at a time.

The empty widget board can be fixed by signing back to Microsoft Account. Sometimes links do not launch their apps in the foreground. If the secondary monitor does not display the widgets of appropriate size then first launch it on the primary display then on the secondary display.

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Taskbar and its App Preview

Taskbar preview has adapted the new Windows 11 design with rounded corners. Open a tab, File explorer, Microsoft Store, File Explorer, Mail, Edge, Chrome, or any app, and take the mouse cursor over its icon in the taskbar to see its preview. Soon Windows 11 design will be applied to all apps, their menu, system settings, content menu, taskbar, their icon tray, start menu, and third-party apps.

taskbar preview

Dragging an app icon to the taskbar no more launches or minimize it. Long-press or touch an app icon now gives a jump list for the fast action. Menu and preview are dismissed on ghost touches. Windows menu to Maximize, Minimize, Restore, Resize and Close can be accessed by Shift + Right-click.

Multiple Desktops got a fix on an app icon appears with multiple opened screen. Amharic IME will no longer have an unexpected (X) close button. Task View closes on pressing the ESC key and does not come back. Focus assist icon in taskbar action center goes a context menu options. Now, taskbar edge icons do not crash to the top. The taskbar was unexpectedly going transparent on different instances, the issue is under the radar on the team.


The settings app has got several fixes over the previous build. It no longer keeps crashing without reason. The volume mixer slider in the sound settings works smoothly without glitches. The change disk size option is visible under Disk and Volumes Settings. The power and battery settings options do not crash when launched from the quick settings.

volume mixer windows 11 settings

You can reset the pin from the login screen. All the date and time formats are properly synced with the correct internet time. Many other options like dark mode, themes, accessibility, and cast options have improved from the previous build.

File Explorer

New folders and files can be created using the command prompt commands of File Explorer. The command bar can be accessed by tapping two times, it also closes any dropdown that appeared. A new command bar is available with Opening folders in a separate process from View options. Open with dialog appears when selecting Open file with another app. Desktop File Explorer icon gives proper context menu options.

folder options windows 11

Whereas explorer still crashes for changing multiple languages from input types. Right-clicking on the Explorer icon still partially displays the context menu and the wrong option is also triggered for selecting an item. File explorer no more crashes on accessing the Task View from the Taskbar.

Start Menu and Search

Microsoft fixed a problem with verifying the account if it wasn’t working. Hovering a Search icon from a secondary icon will display fly out on the same monitor. Start menu search works at all instances, especially while accessing the apps list.

search start menu

Sometimes search might not work on a keypress, just try launching the RUN dialog and again searching in the Start Menu. Soon an extra shortcut will work with Windows + X such as M key to the device manager and P to launch the Power Options.

Soon multiple features such as Android Apps will be added with the next Windows 11 update. Enjoy the current Windows 11 build 22000.71 (KB5004245) on your PC.

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