How to fix “This site can’t be reached” error in chrome?

This site can’t be reached error appears frequently while browsing different sites on chrome. These are the days for the younger generation or older generations to browse the internet and find their likes. During the browsing sessions sometimes almost everyone encounter with the problem “this site can’t be reached” error in the Google Chrome web browser. If you are the one who encountered the error and searching for the solution, then this is the right place.

this site can't be reached

We have got 6 solutions to fix “This site can’t be reached” error in chrome and one will surely be helpful to you. There are many solutions. Have a closer look at the solutions provided below and try different methods until your problem is solved.

Try clearing the browser cookies

In some cases, clearing the browsing data may save you from the problem as the website cookies may clash with other websites. So you encounter with the problem.

Click Ctrl + H, this shows the history of the browser. Here click on the clear browsing history tab in the left panel of the window. Select all the radio boxes, choose the time from the beginning, and click clear data. This will clear all the cookies and cached data from the web browser. Now retry opening the URL on which you were facing this site can’t be reached error.

Allow DNS Prefetching

Changing the default settings may help in some rare cases. As many of the users do not change the default settings and some do not know what settings to alter and keep them the way they are defaults.

Allowing DNS Prediction may help you to fix this site can’t be reached error while browsing on chrome. Open the browser’s settings page by clicking on the 3 dots available on the top right of the webpage. Select settings, go to advanced settings, from there navigate to privacy column. Now choose Use prediction service to load pages more quickly and select the checkbox to allow DNS prediction. Restart the browser to make the necessary changes and browse through the URL which you were unable to access.

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Reset TCP IP Network

Most of the time, the problem occurs due to DNS lookup failure. When this is your problem, here is the solution.

Open command prompt with administrator privileges. You have to enter the following commands manually. Press enter after each command to display the info regarding the command. The following are commands and type them one after the other in the same sequence mentioned below.

  • ipconfig/release
  • ipconfig/all
  • ipconfig/flushdns
  • ipconfig/renew
  • netsh int ip set dns
  • netsh winsock reset

Close the command prompt and restart the device to save the changes made.

Disable experimental QUIC protocol

QUIC means Quick UDP Internet Protocol, which adds extra protection to your browsing sessions and may result into this site can’t be reached error. Disabling this may sometimes save you from the error. This is how you disable it.

In the new chrome tab, enter chrome://flags/ in the address bar to open the concerned page (Careful, these experiments may bite). Search experimental QUIC protocol support and disable it from default by clicking on the drop down list. Restart the browser to make the changes and browse tension free.

TLS version change

Open the new tab in chrome and go to type in the address bar a chrome://flags. Scroll down to select the Maximum TLS version enabled and select TLS 1.3 from the drop down list. No need to save as these are set automatically when you make the changes. However, you have to restart the browser to make the changes. This is the newest version of the TLS protocol.

Windows network diagnostic

You can try diagnosing the windows network settings to get rid of this site can’t be reached error in Google Chrome. Sometimes the changes in the internet may affect the browsing habits. Fixing the error is so easy in many cases as this is not a big error.

Go to control panel, look for the network and sharing center, click on it to see what’s inside the store. In the connections tab, click on wireless network connection. Click on diagnose tab on the prompted window to run the network troubleshooter. It will detect and fix the problems after performing the check if you have any. Now close the trouble-shooter dialogue box, disconnect from the network, and connect again to check for the error rectification. You also need to restart the browser.

Whether you are facing this site can’t be reached or any other chrome error, these solutions will work. If you still encounter with the problem, try uninstalling the current Google chrome and install the latest and updated version of it based on your system compatibility to avoid such errors in future.

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