How to use Google Chrome Task Manager and disable its Processes?

Google Chrome has given a useful feature that you can have a task manager in chrome itself. There are many benefits of task manager but the best one is that if your google chrome crashes or any problem arises in chrome but you don’ know what is the problem and which tab is making trouble so you can open the task manager and take an eye on it to know which tab creates the problem. Google Chrome has given one of the best features which are known as a multiprocess interface in which you can run different tabs in separate processes. However, this process has no connection with the main thread so if any problem occurs there will be no shut down of the whole browser.

Multi processes

In this blog, I will talk on how to use the google chrome task manager. So, before giving quite important information on how to use it I will give you first very important steps to open task manager. So, let’s have an eye on the below steps.

How to open the Chrome Task Manager?

If you want to use the task manager its mandatory to open it. Some user does not know how to open the task manager and mainly how to use it. Here I will give you easy steps to open task manager.

  1. Step 1: First of all open Google Chrome on your device.
  2. Step 2:  Now you will have 3 vertical dots at the upper right corner of google chrome. Click on it to have chrome menu.Chrome menu
  3. Step 3: As I have told the chrome menu will appear so just take your cursor on More tools option for further process.
  4. Step 4: By taking cursor on More tools you will have other option available from that you just tap on Task Manager option. By taping task manager you will have task manager on your device screen.task manager

So, this how you can make the task manager visible on your device. There is also a shortcut to open the task manager easily. Hold shift+esc to open task manager. Many users have a question in their mind that how we can know why our chrome has become slow, crashed and freeze, so just open the chrome by applying the above process you will see a list of recent use extension and web pages and how much CPU and memory is used by extension and web pages. For example, a particular extension is using more memory and CPU so you can remove or uninstall it to solve the problem. So, this the main and foremost benefit of the task manager,  you can also disable continue running background apps on Google Chrome after being closed.

How to use Google Chrome Task Manager?

Many users open the task manager but they don’t know how to use it and how to identify the problem by seeing the task manager. So, here is how to use it. Once you open the task manager you will have recently used tab, extension, and processes on screen and it will also show how much particular tab, extension, and processes have used memory and CPU. So, use this information and click on that extension or tab which is using more memory and CPU. Now tap on End process to end it. You can also uninstall a particular extension if it is rising more problem for your device.

tap on end processes

By doing this your computer will work smoothly and will not face any problem related to google chrome. So, it is easy to use chrome task manager as I have given the whole blog on it in easy language so that maximum user can understand it.

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As task manager is a useful feature for users of google chrome so I thought that let’s have one blog on it so that users can easily understand what is task manager and how it is used. I am sure that all users will able to understand it. The main intention of this blog is to give easy and helpfull content for chrome task manager.

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