How to fix DNS Server Not Responding Error in Windows & Chrome?

When you open the Chrome browser, does the Windows error flash up writing the DNS Server Not Responding? This would make you refresh your browser and webpage many times, but the result would be the same only. The reason for this error emerging on the webpage is the poor internet connection when you connect chrome to your phone or PC.

dns server not responding

So, what do you do when you read such an error? Look for a professional? Here are some easy and quick ways that would help you in fixing the DNS server not responding error in Windows PC & Chrome on your own.

Flush off the DNS

Flushing the DNS would be the primary way to get rid of the problem with ease. Here is how you need to work on the DNS.

  • Press keys Windows and R and
  • In the bar, type cmd, then press enter
  • Type flushdns or ipconfig

Soon after you type flushdns and enter, you would find a message on the screen informing about the success of the command that the DNS is flushed well. Try to open the browser again and check if the error appears or not.

Fix Chrome Error:

Edit the address of DNS Server in Network Settings

Editing the DNS Server in the address bar would require manual setups in the network settings. For doing so, carry out the following steps.

  • Press both the keys Windows and R together
  • Type ncpa.cpl in the bar and go for Enter
  • On the network connection, give a Right click and go for the option Properties
  • When the Networking tab opens, you will find the message “This connection uses the following items,” list, for which,
    • Click on the item ‘Internal Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv40)’
  • Click on the item Properties. A new box pops up
  • In the general tab, go for ‘Use the following DNS Server Addresses’
    • Set the preferred DNS Server by typing
    • Set an alternative DNS Server by typing
  • After completing all these, check if the DNS is responding or not. If it still exists, try an
    • Alternative DNS Server or go for

Clear DNS Cache in Google Chrome

Chrome takes the aid of DNS Cache for quick loading of the sites by mapping the addresses of IP from the cache. Here is what you need to do with the IP address for changing the DNS Caching.

  • Open your Chrome browser and type URL chrome://net-internals/3#dns
  • Click on ‘Clear host cache,’ under the option ‘Host resolver cache,’ or select ‘Clear Cache’ from the menu.

Check if the process has worked or not by restarting the browser.

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Change the LAN Settings

The changes in the LAN settings can also be a reason for the error. For making changes in the LAN settings, follow the steps below:

  • Open the settings on Chrome
  • Go to Show Advanced Settings
  • Go to Network section and select Change proxy settings
  • Go to the tab Connections and click on LAN settings
  • Uncheck the option Automatically detect settings

After making the changes, restart the browser.

Hence, in this way, you can make the required changes and work on the error in Windows & Chrome.

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