Why “CTF Loader” process is showing up in Task Manager?

Well, on PC to run any program there is a need for processes. All these processes run in the background when the particular program is started. If you want to see all these processes then launch the task manager. In this guide, you will see all the information related to the CTF Loader process. The CTF stands for Collaborative Translation Framework.

Many users are asking questions:

  • What is CTF Loader?
  • Is CTF Loader Process is Safe or Not?
  • Will, it creates a virus on PC?
  • Will, it creates high CPU, Memory, or Disk usage on PC?
  • Should we disable it?

We have got answers to all the questions on the CTF Loader process. But before all these questions read what is “CTF Loader” process.

Why CTF Loader process is showing up in Task Manager on my PC

What is the CTF Loader process?

The CTF Loader process supports and manages keyboard translation, voice recognition, and handwriting on Microsoft application.  You will see this process on Task Manager when you use Microsoft Office programs. This process name is also written as ctfmon.exe. This process file is found on the following two locations name as C: WindowsSystem32 and C: WindowsSysWOW64.

Well, this process is not harmful and it is safe for your PC. There are users who want to know that the process will create viruses or malware on PC, your answer is here “It will not create any type of virus or malware on PC”.

The CTF Loader causes high CPU, Memory, and Disk Usage

As it is virus-free it does not mean it is a problem-free process. There are issues related to it. It causes high CPU, Memory, and Disk usage problems on the PC. It leads to the slow down of the PC performance. If we talk about CTF Loader issues you can also add an error name as “CTF Loader has stopped working”. There are multiple causes of CTF loader issues but some of them are common one which is listed below:

  • It is said that after the system update the several problems arise. The CTF loader issues may be due to it.
  • If the CTF loader process is a conflict with the Windows update files.
  • If there is a virus or malware on your PC or an infected program on your PC.
  • If you have installed the MS Office in an improper way.
  • If there are errors in language packs.

Once you have read the above causes then it’s time to fix those issues. Once you know the cause behind errors then it seems simple to fix issues related to the CTF Loader process.

Scan your PC for Virus and Malware

Well, if your PC is having a virus or malware then it may cause CTF loader issues. If this is the real problem then scanning your PC will definitely fix all issues related to CTF Loader. Using powerful antivirus software will fix problems easily and rapidly. We suggest you use Malwarebytes for your PC. This tool is famous because it cleans the threats which are not handled by other antivirus software. Running this antivirus software on your PC is very easy and simple. You just have to tap on the Scan button. After all, you have to restart your PC. After restart, it will keep cleaning your PC. It makes your PC a fresh PC.

Rollback the Updates and Reinstall

If you have recently updated the windows, the language pack may not have installed correctly. If this is the problem then roll back the updates and reinstall them.

  1. At first, uninstall the updates. Follow the path as Start menu > Settings app > Update and Security > View Update History > Uninstall updates.
  2. After this to roll back the updates follow the path as Start menu > Settings app > Update and Security > Recovery. On the screen tap on the Get started which is under “Go back to the previous version of Windows 10”.Rollback the Updates and Reinstall
  3. If you have installed the third-party language pack then to uninstall it follow the path as Start menu > Settings app > Apps > Apps and Features. Now select the language pack and uninstall it.

So, this is how you can deal with an incorrect installment of language pack which causes CTF Loader issues.

Uninstall MS Office and Reinstall

As I have told you that this process starts running in the background when you start using MS Office programs. If there is something wrong with installing MS Office then it may cause CTF Loader issues. Uninstalling and reinstalling the MS Office will fix CTF Loader issues. At first, launch the Start menu and open the Settings. Once you have it then tap on the Apps then hit on the Apps and Features option. Find MS Office on the screen and uninstall it.Uninstall MS Office and Reinstall Now go on the trusted source and download it and then install it on your PC.

The above 3 fixes may fix CTF Loader issues. If these won’t work then go on the below guide to disable CTF Loader. Disabling it will definitely fix CTF Loader issues.

How to disable the CTF Loader process?

There are users confused about that “should they disable the CTF Loader process or not?”. The answer is here yes you can. There is no problem in disabling this process. You can disable this process using 2 methods.

Disable Keyboard and Handwriting Services

  1.  At first, launch the Run dialog box and type services.msc, and hit on OK button.
  2. This will open the services screen. In it look for the Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Panel Service. Do double tap on the service and tap on the Properties.
  3. On the properties screen, go on the General tab and choose Disabled from the Startup type. Go on Service status and switch it to Stop.
  4. To save changes tap on the Apply and then on the OK button.Disable Keyboard and Handwriting Services

After all, launch the task manager to check the CTF Loader process. If do not get it then you are done!

Disable CTF Loader using Task Scheduler

  1. First of all, go on Start and search for Task Scheduler in the search bar.
  2. Now do click on the result to open Task Scheduler.
  3. In it go on the left side and follow the path as Task Scheduler Library > Microsoft > Windows. 
  4. On the screen find and select TextServicesFramwork. After this go on the right side and do a right tap on the MSCTFMonitor. 
  5. From the open menu tap on the Disable option.Disable CTF Loader using Task Scheduler

This will disable CTF Loader. You can enable it when needed as it is not deleted.

I hope that you are all clear about the CTF Loader process as the blog provides you all the information related to it.

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