Disable “Chromium Host Executable” High CPU Usage..!

As we know that in the Task Manager there are a number of processes but some processes create issues like high CPU usage and all. Due to high CPU usage, your computer runs slowly or we can say that the performance of your computer becomes slow day by day. So, in this blog, we will discuss 1 process of task manager which creates an issue of high CPU usage which leads to the slow performance of the computer. The process name as Chromium Host Executable. Before going on the fixes at least you should know what is chromium host executable and why it causes high CPU usage on your PC. Chromium host executable

What is Chromium Host Executable?

Chromium host executable is also named as AcWebBrowser.exe in the task manager. AcWebBrowser service just like Adobe GC Invoker Utility process also enhances the performance of the installed Autodesk product on your system. So due to the enhancement of performance of Autodesk product the issue like chromium host executable high CPU usage arises. If you want to practically see it then go the task manager then you will know that approximately nine AcWebBrowser.exe (32 bit) tasks will be running in the task manager.

Now the question is how to fix this issue so you don’t need to worry about it because you are on the right platform which will provide you the best fixes for it as well as its causes. As I have studied the whole issue I have come out with 3 common causes by which this type of issue arises. So they are third party software, home screen process, and most important AcWebBrowser.exe process. To fix these causes or this issue apply the below fixes.

Stop AcWebBrowser.exe Process in the Task Manager

We know that the AcWebBrowser.exe process consumes high CPU usage on the computer so to fix it your first step should be to stop this process from the task manager. So, to end this process apply the below guidelines.

  1. To start this process you should have a task manager so to have it hold Windows key + R key and in run box type taskmgr.
  2. Once you have a task manager then you will have multiple tabs but go on the Processes tab and find out the Chromium Host Executable process.
  3. Once you find out it then do right tap on it and hit on the End task button. stop Chromium host executable
  4. At last, do the restart to your computer to make your changes saved.

After finishing these steps you can see that your chromium host executable high CPU usage issue will be solved. If not then go on our next solutions.

Disable Welcome Screen Options for the Product

various products or programs like 3ds Max have the option of a Welcome screen which starts when you start the computer it means at startup. So, it consumes high CPU usage on the computer. Most importantly this option is closely attached to the chromium host executable so disable it to fix this issue.

  1. First of all launch the particular program which has Welcome screen options. Here we will take the example of 3ds Max.
  2. Once you open the program then tap on the Help option.
  3. Then navigate to Welcome Screen for the further process.
  4. Now you will have one box saying Show this Welcome Screen at startup so untick it.

So, doing so will disable the Welcome Screen option of a 3ds Max. Likewise, you can also try for other programs that have the Welcome Screen option.

Disable Autodesk Desktop Application Service

As I have told you that Chromium host executable enhances the performance of the Autodesk product so due to its high CPU usage issue arises most of the time so all you have to do to fix this is to disable Autodesk desktop application service.

  1. To have run dialog box hold Windows key + R key and in it type services.msc to have a services screen. windows services
  2. Once you are on the services screen then find out the Autodesk Desktop Application and do right tap on it and choose Properties.
  3. In the Properties screen, go on the Startup type and do it to Disabled.

So, these were the simple steps to disable Autodesk Desktop Application service on the computer. Make sure you follow all the steps in sequence so that you get the positive output.

Include Chromium Host Executable to Antivirus 

This fix or we can say the solution is simple and short in this all you need to do is just add the Chromium host executable to antivirus because if it is not added then it is blocked by the antivirus so it leads to high CPU usage on the computer. Once you add this service then you will not face this issue again. To do so just launch the antivirus you used and add AcWebBrowser.exe in the Antimalware Service Executable processes.

I hope that all the information included in this blog will be beneficial for you. Make sure you read whole the blog with your opening eyes and mind too.

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