Download WhyNotWin11 to Check Windows 11 Compatibility


Microsoft revealed Windows 11 as one of the major updates after the span of six years from 2015 to 2021. A lot of new features from the centered taskbar, rounded corners, media playback tray, new Microsoft Store, Android Apps were included in the new operating system. Though Microsoft has kept the free Upgrade for Windows …

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How to start Windows 11 in Safe Mode? – 11 Methods

windows 11 safe mode

Safe Mode in Windows 11 is mostly used for troubleshooting problems with devices. If you are stuck on a blue or black screen on Windows 11 then its Safe Mode is the best rescue. Even high CPU, Disk, or Memory usage can be resolved in this mode. It’s like a total system refresher to load …

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How to enable UEFI and Secure Boot for Windows 11?

secure boot windows 11

You must have heard enough about the UEFI and Secure Boot requirements for Windows 11. Almost all the latest PCs have got the UEFI and Secure Boot feature but the question is how to exactly enable both the features? Well, the UEFI is just modern technology used in place of the Legacy BIOS and Secure …

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Download: Windows 11 Insider Preview from Dev/Beta Channel

windows 11 22000.51

Microsoft just released the latest Windows 11 Build to the Insiders. This build is only made available to only the Windows Insiders who meet the Windows 11 requirements. What if your PC doesn’t meet the requirements and still you want to upgrade to Windows 11. Microsoft has also set a few norms for the Windows …

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How to enable or bypass Windows 11 TPM 2.0 requirement?

windows 11 tmp 2.0

Microsoft unveiled the new Windows 11 on 24th June with very specific requirements about the TPM 2.0 version. This happened for the first of Microsoft very concerned about the TPM chips so you must know about What is TPM chips? Why it is required and what are the benefits of the TPM chips? and How …

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Windows 11 Download – How to get a free upgrade?

windows 11 download

Microsoft announced the latest Windows 11 on Thursday, 24th June with a complete UI changeover from Windows 10. Windows 11 will give us all new experiences of the centered taskbar icons placements with the animations of opening and closing apps. App’s Windows will appear with the rounded corner and their maximize button will be used …

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Download PC Health Check App for Windows 11 Compatibility

pc health check app windows 11

With the latest announcement of Windows 11, Microsoft also updated the PC Health Check App to check for Windows 11 compatibility. Free upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 11 is also available for the users but your computer or laptop must meet the system requirements. All the Windows 11 system requirements can be checked in …

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Actual Windows 11 System Requirements to get free Upgrade

windows 11

The initial leaks created an overhyped for the 24th June Event and it turned out the biggest announcements of the new Windows 11 by Microsoft. After the latest launch event of Windows 11 with a new start menu, centered taskbar, rounded corners, snap views, widgets, android apps support, and lots of new features, everyone is …

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