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Well, the successor of Windows 10 is rolling out with big changes and improvements. Microsoft has made Windows 11 more fluent than Windows 10. Many users have upgraded to Windows 11 and some of them are going to upgrade it in the upcoming time.

The best thing about Windows 11 is that it has a new Microsoft Store which facilitates a number of apps that were restricted in the previous Operating System. In the previous OS such as Windows 10, Microsoft only supports some Universal Windows Apps but when it comes to Windows 11 it supports Traditional Desktop Apps such as WinZip, Zoom, and Canva. Apart from this now Microsoft is hosting thousands of Third-Party Apps to enhance the experience of Windows 11 users. Microsoft claims that Windows 11 will make your life easier!

Starting using a new Operating System such as Windows 11 is nothing without having a list of needed or we can say best Apps for Windows 11. It is because there are plenty of applications for Windows 11 in the Microsoft Store. After making deep research we are here with a list of the 11 best apps for Windows 11.

11 Best Apps for Windows 11

After reading this list you will get a notion of what apps should be installed on your Windows 11 PC or Laptop. Make sure you read it with all your Concentration.

Google Chrome

As we know that on Windows Operating System Microsoft Edge is a default browser but we recommend you to install and set Google Chrome as a default browser. Google Chrome is one of the best browsers from its first day. All users have done their first search on Google Chrome.

Windows 11 Google Chrome

The browser comes with a number of great features such as a Bookmarks bar, Reopen closed tabs, Task manager, visual browser history, and Quick open compatibility. Along with this, it has a faster speed as compared to Microsoft Edge when it comes to loading results of browsing.

Using Google Chrome on Windows 11 you will feel confident because the websites or web apps you want to visit are compatible with Google Chrome.

VLC Media Player

The VLC is a popular Media Player for all devices such as computers, laptops, phones, tablets, iPhones, etc. Watching movies, Netflix, short videos, and playing audios of different formats on Windows 11 has become easy and simple due to VLC Media Player.

Windows 11 VLC Media Player has fluent look

It is one of the best and free media players in the world which supports all types of media files and on all types of Operating Systems such as Windows, macOS, Ubuntu, iOS, and Android. Using VLC Media Player on Windows 11 you can enjoy multiple functionalities of it such as a clear user interface, recording, screen recording, webcam recorder, streaming online videos, Audio CD Player, Digital TV Tuner, Multiplayer Media, File Transcoding, DVD Playback, Audio, and Music Player, and Subtitle Synchronization.

Apart from all these functionalities, the VLC Media Player has a fluent look on Windows 11. To play videos and movies you must have it on Windows 11.

Your Phone

Your Phone app on Windows 11 has come up with new features and changes. Using Your Phone app you can link your Android device with your Windows 11. You can have messages, calls, photos, and contacts of your Android on Windows 11. You can also send messages and make calls from Windows 11. Adding to it you can access all android apps on Windows 11.

You can download and install it from Windows 11 Microsoft Store as it is officially available on the Windows store. Make sure that you install the Your Phone app in order to connect your android device with Windows 11 PC or laptop.

Update Your Phone App on Windows 11


CCleaner is one of the best PC repairer App. It automatically scans your whole system and removes junk files and unwanted data from it. It also fixes the registry on your Windows 11. By doing all these your OS performance will be boosted.

CCleaner Windows 11

In the free version, you will have the PC Health Check tool that detects the issues and fixes them. This leads to performance enhancement. However, if you want to purchase a paid version of it then there are two versions of it the first is Professional and the second one is Professional Plus. On your Windows 11, the drivers will be updated automatically as you will have a driver updater tool.

If you have CCleaner then you can choose which app can consume resources and which can not. The paid version gives you a lot many features.


If you are a gamer then you must have the Discord app on your Windows 11. It is slack for gamers. On it, you can chat or do voice calls with your game squad. On Discord, people gather for games and games events. On it, you can host events.

Discord Windows 11

It is a great app for gamers on Windows 11. You can download it from its official website.


Grammarly is used for correcting spelling & grammar and making your content sound proper. It is useful for you when you write an email, article, text for a post on Windows 11. We highly recommend you to use it on your Windows 11 to sound your content good. It also gives you comment using emoji that how your writing is. You can improve your writing or content using Grammarly.

Grammarly for Windows 11

It is an extension for browsers. Your internet connection should be ON to have suggestions and emoji-based comments from Grammarly. If you are a content writer then you must have it on your Windows 11.

ESET NOD32 Antivirus

Windows 11 has solid protection but some of the users use Specialized Antivirus Software. If you are one of them then use ESET NOD32 on your Windows 11. It will protect your OS from all kinds of ransomware, viruses, and malware as it uses Advanced Machine Learning Technology. It also allows you to dig out hidden threats using features such as Advanced Memory Scanner, UEFI Scanner, Exploit Blocker, and WMI.

ESET NOD32 Windows 11

In order to keep your Windows 11 safe this antivirus software will scan and block flash drives. It will lead to less chance of malware infection on your OS. To keep your Windows 11 safe from viruses the software run in the background.

There are additional features such as smart devices, webcam, theft protection, and parental control. Believe me, NOD32 is a great Antivirus Software for Windows 11.

Battery Mode

Saving the battery life of OS is good if you are out for some important office work. Making high or best performance of Windows 11 using a battery is an interesting part. On Windows 11 you can do it using three options as a Better battery, Balanced, and Best performance but you can have more options for Windows 11 battery if you have Battery Mode App for Windows 11. It gives options such as Power saver, Better battery, Balanced, Best performance, and High performance. You can also control the battery level using the slider.

Battery Mode Windows 11

You can easily download and install it on Windows 11. After installation, you will get control over your Windows 11 battery. If you want an app related to Battery on Windows 11 then you must have Battery Mode.

Microsoft News

If you are interested in news and using all the time Windows 11 then Microsoft News App will be handy for you. You will have all news in style so it looks attractive window. Microsoft News will show you news related to your selected category or topics. So, make sure you select interesting topics when comes to selection.

Windows 11 Microsoft News App

You also have to select a source of news because it provides you news from multiple sources. Microsoft News will only provide news from your selected source. The Microsoft News app is available on Windows Microsoft Store. To use it download and install it from Store.


Doing video calls and messages on Windows 11 is interesting when you have Skype. It is one of the best video calling app from the first day of its release. It is a popular app because it has features such as audio-video calls, live subtitles, file transferring, screen sharing, and recording options. On Skype, you can call one to one or in a group.

Skype Windows 11

On Windows 11 Microsoft is forcibly pushing  Microsoft Teams but if you are looking for better then Skype App will be handy for you. Skype is the best alternative to Microsoft Teams.


The WinRAR is the most popular archiver for Windows 11 PC or laptops. It is one of the fastest archivers which supports all compression formats such as RAR, ZIP, ARJ, CAB, TAR, LZH, UUE, BZIP2, ISO, GZip, Z and, 7-Zip. It is ideal for multiple files formats. The WinRAR recognizes the file format automatically and then selects the compressed method. You can save it on several disks.

The latest version of WinRAR is WinRAR 6.10 in the first beta. It is a trial product you can use it free for 40 days. After 40 days you can also use it for free you just have to avoid the notification that pop-ups when 40 days finishes.

I hope that after reading this article you are aware of the best apps on Windows 11. Make sure you download and install them to have effective and efficient use of Windows 11 and its apps.

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